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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sep '09

Some of my favourite outfits/photos of September '09... subdued aren't they?...

That's Bear in the left photo and Fox on the right. Yes we have rabbits named after other animals. And yes, that is a vintage Gottex skirt. I have quite a collection. No, they will never end up on eBay, even though many of my garments do because I very rarely wear anything more than 4 times...

Feel free to click on the slideshows to start and stop and see them in a full. The '+' and '-' signs speed it up and slow it down.


silk+honey said...

love all the colors! the skirt is so awesome. and I saw in your interests that you like bikram yoga isnt it AMAZING! haha and thanks for commenting on my post! :)

Dusk said...

Hi honey! (may I call you honey?...!)

Bikram yoga is HOT! Seriously amazing. So are the colours on my skirt, really vibrant.
Thanks for coming by, I'll be visiting your blog regularly. ~peace~