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Sunday, February 14, 2010

ValenTiger Day

My homage to Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day.. Not glaringly obvious because when I received compliments (graciously received) and I explained the significance, the response was; "oh wow!, I didn't see that! I can see now!" etc.

I'm not a Valentine's Day celebrant even though I am in love and therefore prone to random and frequent acts of passionate romanticism. Each year, my husband and I say that we are not getting the other anything. Each year we lie. It's just that...some of these cards... the know?


Anonymous said...

Love the silhouette of the earring on your neck :)
the meaning of this pic... to me?... it`s like trying to turn your back on yourself, but that inner self just won`t let you! Nada... ain`t gonna get me down... even if it is by my own self... ESPECIALLY if it`s by own self!... love the moody lighting xoxo Ash

Fourth Daughter said...

Awww... sounds like you're a cute couple!