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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pink & Green...

...seems to be this week's theme.
Hmm. I don't deliberately do this, my mood or rather, mode determines this.
This pink -Magenta- is the opposite of green and together they work well to harmonise left & right cerebral hemispheres.
No I haven't gone senile. That's because I harmonise regularly...

© theDUSKzone 2010 © theDUSKzone 2010 © theDUSKzone 2010
pistachio green ruffle top * vintage magenta wrap skirt * fuschia faux snakeskin wedges * multi-coloured & fuschia wooden bead cuffs * multi-coloured elasticised straw belt * multi-coloured bracelet * the cutest damn earrings & damn why do I keep forgetting to take pics of the details?


Vintage Obsession said...

yeahh! you enabled the comments :)
you+ pink== hotness:)

Aisha said...

Absolutely love your attitude towards life. Where does all that positive energy (and I don't give a f*#% what ppl think of me attitude) come from?

theDUSKzone said...

Hello sassy Miss Rao!! I've been waiting for Jodhpur Pt 2!
...yes, I succumbed, opened the comments, my main reason being interaction with other bloggers. I still stand by my 'not needing validation' stance though!



Hello Aisha,

That is such a lovely compliment you have given me.
Hard to answer that question... I think perhaps I was born that way...but I decided or rather, realised when I was 13 -eek, 27 years ago!- that no one else was going to live my life for me, so I am going to live my life as productively as possible!

It's not entirely true that I don't care what people think of me, I do... I just don't allow the negative stuff to affect my sense of self. The positive stuff makes me glow and grow.
...there's so much more I could say and tell starts sounding like a lecture of platitudes!

Thank you so much for visiting Aisha. I hope to see you again

~peace~ Dusk

Magali said...

Wow, you're 40? You look gorgeous! :)
Work out much?