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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Black, White...

...hold tight!!
Strange but true, I've been wearing black and white every day since Saturday. Sunday, yesterday, today - twice!- I'm dressed for serious swinging work here and then later in the PM (but more 'dressed' for work!).

I'm trying to figure out where my frame of mind is... You know? Me being all Colour for President and all that. ... hmm... obviously this week I need to be very cut and dry, wrong and and white about things. Work wise, home wise, wisdom wise.

In between coming back late then taking the 14yo to cadets, time and light flew by so no 'later' pics and these pics have haphazard settings. I was a bit tired after this morning's polenastics class and then in a rush to get where I had to go in the afternoon... Plus I have to focus, set the timer and take a flying leap to grasp the ropes before the timer releases!!!

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© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010



Leah said...

AWESOMENESS... I don't know if that' a proper word. But you are really AWESOME. Gosh, I never can do that rope thingy.

Colour for President? You made me laugh... how about Dusk for Colour President?

You never fail to surprise me. What's next my dear friend? xoxo

Dusk said...

Hello my gorgeous Leah... hahaha!! Interesting political statement that would make!

Oh I was still limber after this morning's aerial pole class so decided to utilise this for my pics. These are my home practise ropes. Was going to do another AM/PM outfit thing but missed out on taking the PM pics. Had a theme in mind. Oh well.
...I'm nowhere near as strong and flexible as I used to be. Working back up to it but... I think my body tries to remind me sometimes that it isn't a spring chicken anymore!!!!! xoxo

Phuong said...

beautiful photos!!



maria said...

you have a great pair of legs darling!! beautiful!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Goodness, this looks amazingly artistic and beautiful! You really are sporty! There is nothing wrong with black and white, I think. The most classical combination ever.

Vintage Obsession said...

i went through the pictures like a zillion times and i am sitting in front of the comment box from eternity thinking what words are going to be the best to type out a comment . i've exhausted my vocab . I give up finding adjectives. The original Diva :)

bollywoodstylediaries said...

where is Tarzan;-) just kidding, I love how these pictures convey the concept of always, u look very lithe and graceful:-)

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun!

I wish I had a backyard like that

Tanvi said...

WOW! ... Just SIMPLY WOW! :)

Anonymous said...

oh how incredibly pretty!



Leia said...

You look like a stunning acrobat. I LOVE this set of pictures. Perhaps my favorite ever.

By the way, I totally agree with you on the education/knowledge front. Although I'm still confused about what career path to follow... I think I might have to study even more to get where I want to go!

Dusk said...

Thank you for the lovely comments lovelies!
...hope this doesn't make me sound like a modesty martyr (!) but...I really appreciate you all appreciating this! I wanted to portray the ease and fluidity of black and white...


Phuong, Maria, Tanvi, Fashion Seen... thank you!


@ Sabine... I do love b&w very much, it just takes me by surprise when I get in that 'mode'. For me it means that I need to think very rationally and practically. No I'm not smoking something and yes I know that sounds strange. :) Thank you for your lovely words.


@ Sassy VO...if I could I'd be blushing right now. You always say the loveliest things to me. Better be careful I don't get a big head. Will get hard to lift myself off the ground!!!


@ Sonali... hahahahahahahahaha!!! Hon the funny thing is when my husband comes out to watch me he'll 'announce' his presence with a Tarzan call!!! And I do the best Tarzan call!! Apparently I'm still in touch with my monkey side... :) Thank you for getting the whole motion feel!

Dusk said...

Thank you gorgeous Leia! I think the mark of intelligence is knowing that you'll never know enough... your career path will find you.

Gosh. I feel so Guru like right now. :D xo


Thank you Justyna hon!

michelle_ said...

you look like a TRUE MODEL !
honestly.. you pulled off those hard poses like a total pro !!

nice lean legs by the way :)


DailyDoseOfAloha said...

this would be a grrrreat fashion story!!! i love the photographs, the movement, the leg extensions... beautiful! great job

CHAMANDA said...


Amarjit said...

Hi 'Dusk',
v met on 'purple peep toes' blog. Thnx for those awesome comments.
Btw, your pics r really really wow.
Your entire persona is wow... i liked your 'tree-yoga' pics too. You are giving 'jane' (from tarzan fame), quite some nitemares.
Till we meet again... keep rocking ave' maria.

Amarjit Singh