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Saturday, April 10, 2010

i ♥hEARt♥ you...

I do, it's true and I thank you...

© theDUSKzone 2010

I'm not the only one feeling the force of red & blue [refer previous posts]...this is such a gorgeous photo, one of The Sartorialist's best, the contrasts of colours, the ornate curves of the building and the sharp lines of a fiery coat... WOW! ...BUT... I felt his accompanying post was condescending and insular and I said as much in the comment I wrote.
Please note: I wasn't nasty, rude nor derogatory and certainly not anonymous. I am not a fan but I do admire and respect his talent.. I praised the photo and questioned the status quo.
I can't link to the post so hopefully you can find it and maybe I am overreacting but I was taken aback by the subtle implication that 'normal' people don't usually/can't ever dress as fabulously as 'fashionistas'. Schumann & ilk have a lot of influence and superficial power. These bloggers were supposed to be "for the people". Vox Bloguli. Lately I've been smelling a sellout.

It's why I don't visit the Sart's site often...I want to see people not fashion week placements. And thus begins my homage to all the lovely and FABULOUSLY STYLISH bloggers I have 'met'. You are the true fashionistas.
Not [just] because of the clothes you wear but because of the verve you share... you're the heart and soul of style, nothe other way around... I wear my ♥ on my rose coloured glasses and at my ears in salute!
By the way, my comment on that post wasn't published. Didn't expect it to be, it wasn't written for the purpose of publication. Comment moderation is a fabulous thing!


Samantha said...

Love love love the glasses and earrings. adorable. A good thing is that although they are both very noticeable they don't overpower each other.

Anonymous said...

OH! i love to wear my rose colored glasses on gloomy days, doesn't it just make everything better? (well superficially so, it does, for the fleeting moment)...



Vintage Obsession said...

i think this is one of your best pictures till date :) beautiful!!

Dusk said...

Hi Samantha...thank you! Both items are indeed adorable, they don't overpower, they complement each other, if you want you can click on the photo for a close-up. Thanks for coming by!


Hello Justyna...I love the spelling of your name! I like wearing my rose coloured glasses on brilliant days...just to put the icing on the cake!


I'm not sure how this works but I've seen it said and it's been said and done to me, I truly love your blogs Samantha and Justyna, so follow me and I'll follow you...? eek. that seems so brazen!!!


Thank you my sassy Vintage!