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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rain of fire...

I haven't felt like taking any pics this week. I just couldn't be bloggered... sigh... I'm going to Milli Vanilli it and blame it on the rain. Rain makes me feel lethargic so I have to trim my sails and... rain it in. baboomtish.

Anyway, to combat my weatherlurgy, today I wore a favourite 'power harmony' combination... blue and is calming, yes but it is also dynamic, like a flowing river in a still gully. Red of course, is just dynamite. Fiery, fiesty, fierce.
Together they merge yin and yang... and like a river, today I wanted sinuous lines... this necklace never fails to draw a crowd. It's a piece of art.

© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010

...because I'm fairly new to the blogosphere, I have been link leads to another and then to another and I'm finding so many fabulous blogs! I had no idea! Am 'meeting' so many fabulous females! It's all so fabulous! Look at my exclamation marks!! Am also learning a few lessons though...namely that appreciation isn't always mutual...oh

cobalt top * silk cargo 3/4 pants * red lips belt * red rubber necklace by
Susie Barnes * new gold stud platform heels * vintage Versace sunnies bought in HK in '94 so they're vintage ok?? * yin yang earrings


bollywoodstylediaries said...

Hello gorgeous,

I know how u feel abt the rain..Rain makes me want to curl-up with a nice book, pot of tea and pakodas(fritters)!!

abt Sushmita - I think two things worked against her (i) she never gave a really big hit (ii) she is outspoken and not good at PR. When she had a hit in "Main hoon na", she went around saying she didn't have role in the movie but all she had to was just look hot..

Aish on the other hand is a rare combination of beauty/brains/diplomacy/restraint

thesydneygirl said...

love those 2 colours on you! <3 x

Dusk said...

Hello Sonali hon! know, you're going to have to update at least 3 times a day to satisfy your addicted fans?!

Rain is replenishing, cleansing, needed, etc but it drains me. Especially when it's cold and raining.

Funny. Their title wins are indicative of their personalities. Sush won Miss Universe so she was always going to be 'out there'...! Aish knows how the world works...


Hello Caramel tsGirl! Thank you, it's a favourite combination... a product of my comic nerdiness! Good to 'see' you hon...

Vinda Sonata said...

totally a power combination <3 you look very beautiful. you really rocked the blue color!

Vintage Obsession said...

I would kill to look as hot as you !! that necklace is indeed a piece of art !! lovely!

Leia said...

Dearest Dusk,

I am in shock. You left a comment saying you have a daughter who is 6 ft tall. Whaaat? That would mean that said daughter has to be 16 years old at LEAST... I'm trying not to number-crunch here but let me tell you, it's not adding up! ;)

That aside, I agree about the blogosphere stuff. We all take the time to write thoughtful comments on each other's blogs, and it feels like some people don't take any notice at all. BUT it's all made up for by the plethora of lovely bloggers, like yourself :)

bollywoodstylediaries said...

Thanks - will try to post as much as possible!!!

abt Sonam Kapoor She is Anil Kapoor's daughter and made her debut 4 (??) years back with Ranbir Kapoor. The film bombed and so did her next few ones. Thats when her PR team went into overdrive and she was anointed the fashionista in town. Google her and look at her outfits - she does wear interesting stuff but there are others like Neha, Soniya who are equally good..

brooke said...

amazing necklace! reminds me of something I would've LOVED when I was 12 - in the best way possible!

thanks for your comment, sorry it has taken like a month to get back to you!


Dina's Days said...

Well that's exactly how I found your link leads to another! You are beautiful and the blue looks so nice on you!

Dusk said...

Hello Vinda Sonata...firstly, your name, how absolutely lyrical it is! Beautiful! Thank you for your lovely comment, I hope to see you again and I have just been over your way... you are a total rock star!


My sassy Vintage aka Hot Legs. Bloodshed is not required when you are already garam masala...:D


Lovely Leia...ohh, on reflection what I wrote sounds a bit churlish! I never comment with the intention or expectation of a reciprocal comment, I comment because I want to express my appreciation of the blogs I follow or have found, or an opinion I have or to share an experience... most of us comment on other blogs for these reasons.
Courtesy and curiosity not obligation.
I actually started off with 'No Comment' Policy because I didn't want obligation to become a factor.

The reason I wrote what I wrote is a story for another day...just know I very much appreciate any comments received. I think we all feel humbled by that yes?

...and I'm 40.

I have a family of giants. My 13yo is now taller than me and I'm not short!


Hey Sonali hon...aah yes, I saw that film recently, almost choked on my samosa when I was told that was Rishi and Neetu's son! Obviously Sonam doesn't have Anil's mega career luck... will Google her. I like the jumpsuit she's wearing in your latest post.


Hi Brooke...hahahaha!! Well, don't tell the artist that! Suzie Barnes creates these out of [very expensive] Italian neoprene type rubber, she also works with scientific glass and her pieces are exquisite.
Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Dusk said...

Dina hello!...I guess this is what they call 'networking'!! Thank you so much for your lovely words and it's lovely to 'meet' you!

Leah said...

Hahaha! Of course that neckline will never fail to draw the crowd. You are really hilarious Dusk. I love you girl!!!