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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Auld Lang Design...

So tonight I attended the very prestigious Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Graduate Fashion Show.   This is where the starry designs of today become the star designers of tomorrow.

I was there on behalf of the accessories label I work for... COCO LIBERACE.  Some of our pieces were used in the show.  That link will take you to a facebook album of some pics I took and while you're on our facebook page, feel free to check out the other pics and hey... live dangerously.... click 'Like'...!

The fashion show...I won't say much.  For a change.  I'm not a fashion reviewer/journalist and I don't understand pure fashion as much as a true fashionado does... a certain kind of pleat or bias cut or jacket structure doesn't make me have a vogueasm.

I did like a lot of the designs and ideas, some pieces were exquisite but I was disappointed at the lack of colour... that could have been because the designers wanted the focus on the garment structure and fluidity, etc.  I understood that or maybe I over thought it, who knows BUT...I was bored by how budding designers always need to prove how genius darling!  how avant-garde! how original!  they are by showing creations that are either umbrella covers or Lady Gaga. get my drift right?  From one extreme -boring-yawn-zzzzz-grow-me-some-grass-man- to another - seemed-like-a-good-idea-until-the-crack-high-went...although I do love La GaGa...

I just can't help but feel I've seen it all before...hence the title...designs gone by...  Nevertheless, I know we will be seeing some of the designers at major fashion weeks everywhere soon and I wish them the best of I said, some pieces were truly beautiful and when I get around to it, I will upload images and please don't say "yeah right, we'll be settled on Mars before you ever get around to doing the things you say you will do on your blog".

gasp.  O ye of little faith.  Anyway...more pics after the jump...

I made those earrings and yes, yes, maybe we've seen them all before -maybe- but it's the zeitgeist I ride... Got a few compliments and queries and oh yes, they feel lovely!  I am also wearing COCO LIBERACE pieces (rings) and yes... coloured contacts. 

Speaking of zeitgeist... Garance Dore has just written a post that bemused me for 2 reasons...the eyes and the shirt her gorgeous subject is wearing.  Firstly the eyes... I love coloured contacts, I use them in a purely cosmetic way and occasionally as a journalistic 'edge'.  The way I see it, we weren't born with red lips or kohl rimmed eyes or gold-dusted eyelids either so why not play?  I do not use coloured contacts to be something I am not. 

The "journalistic edge" you ask?  Hmmm... well.. I have very dark, impenetrable eyes [unless I know you] and I have been told they are "intimidating".  To which my reaction is "WTF? I'm a teddybear. Ima beatchu up for saying that". 

I'm kidding.  I'm KIDDING!!
...I use coloured lenses to 'soften' my eyes but this is a very rare thing and I have only done it twice in 20 years.  I had my reasons why.  But for fun?  I wear them a few times a year!  I use them as an accessory.

I do get very annoyed when people say to me "why do you wear them? You don't need them, your eyes are lovely without them, they look fake, that's cheating", to which I have replied "why do you speak? You don't need to, you're so lovely without speaking, you are fake, stop speaking". 

I know.  I know.  But this particular person was a condescending sanctimonious fool who had to be put into place.   The kind of person who champions human rights but is rude to waiters.
...I do get annoyed at people I generally like, when they ask such things... I do then ask them why they wear cologne/perfume or dye their hair.

Of course I don't need them.  I don't need lipstick either.  I don't wear lipstick every day.  Admittedly...I do question the reasons of those that need to wear coloured contacts all the time.  I see many Indo-Australian girls doing this and they do it too often (24/7) for it to be merely cosmetic.  Then again.  I also know many anglo blondes who weren't born that way... I don't find myself questioning their reasons.

Secondly... the shirt that Dore's subject is wearing... I just DIYed a t-shirt and a shirt with the same mesh inserts!L  Dammit.   Even though that's not a new thing, now when you see the tee and shirt on me, you'll probably think...oh, she copied Dore's chick... unless of course you've read this far and if you have..

OH MY GOD.  Well done.  And I'm done.  Truly.

white gossamer silk double-layered Witchery blouse * black satin high-waisted, cigarette tuxedo pants Cue * killer latest shoe obsession * DIY earrings * COCO LIBERACE rings * various bangles.


sandhyaa said...

@ "why do you speak? You don't need to, you're so lovely without speaking, you are fake, stop speaking".
hahhaa !!!
earrings i like !

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I love, love the whole effect of the contact+eye makeup..its looks stunning.

And you copy someone else? how is that even possible!! said...

My 'Fair' Lady ... You are FABULOUS! Love the look the vibe the lens the earring the sensuous feel of the pictures. i am going to check out the collection and click 'Like' anywhere and everywhere shamelessly! :P

And I hear you about 'certain' people who should just shut up and not spoil the silence. I'd be so much happier if people kept quite unless spoken to but that's never gonna happen! :)

jemina said...

I can't keep my eyes from your wonderful diy long blue earrings



Aarti verma said...

lovely makeup..
likin d earings!!

Leia said...

So much to say :)

Firstly, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about 'fashion' - I love playing with my look but watching fashion shows just doesn't give me the same thrill that it seems to give others.

And you look divine. I didn't actually notice the lenses! I noticed the eye make-up and thought it looked gorgeous and that your eyes looked 'soft,' but not at all unnatural or fake or anything. I don't know why others feel compelled to tell you what to do, anyway. Personally, I tend to opt for natural hues when it comes to hair/make-up/eyes etc., but that can be so boring! It's fun to experiment. And if you look good while doing it, then why not?!


L1L2 said...

something about the third shot... seems to have a story behind! the blue dangles are perfect!

Hippie Holly said...

Lady you need to go back in time and party it up at Studio 54. This outfit deserves and you deserve to time travel back to the 70s! Love those earrings, though I could never, ever carry them off like you do :)