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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I was given 2 very excellent and generous compliments at work today. 
One about how 'up' I always am, how "enthusiastic" I am about everything (which actually annoys a lot of people too!).  This was in relation to work, believing in what I do and who I work for and supporting the work and creativity of others (but I pretty much am like this across the board).
...I was taken aback to hear that this way of being is "refreshing". 

The other compliment was paid* when I was describing what the 'style creed' is of the accessories brand I work for... "flamboyant elegance".  I was told that it was nice to see someone "perfectly embody" what their brand represents...."for a change".
...I was taken aback at that too.  And then I was chuffed of course! [read more after the  jump...]

Wearing Athena Bodychain again.
...needed to 'power up' the pH7 of this shirtdress. So a DEVI ARMOUR Bodychain and leather wristbands were added.  And I have pockets! I love a dress with pockets! is my sincere wish that I can represent my own brand - DEVI ARMOUR - as well as I [supposedly] represent COCO LIBERACE.

I was taken aback by both compliments because they shouldn't be compliments.  The reasons I received those compliments should be the norm not the exception.  Yes?  You agree right?
...but I did understand and recognise why the compliments were given/paid.  I won't go in to the first compliment... I'm sure we all can work that one out.  The second one...well... it's something I notice a lot too.  People have become far too casual.  In dress and in manner (but that's a different story...)

Young Australian females, especially the uber-trendy pack followers are very casual dressers. I am generalising of course. Actually I'm specialising.

I have mentioned before that I work with very young people and that I'm the resident Grandma... we work in a very public area with customers, stylists, photographers and constant, each designer is on show, you know? Even though our space is supposed to have a relaxed marketplace ambience I feel that's more about the experience not the dress code.

...even though I recognise that it is 'in', sometimes I'm a little shocked at what some of the girls wear. Actually, I find their attire entirely inappropriate at times and I want to send them back to their room and tell them they're not to go out until they wear clothes, not the rags used to wash cars. Stand up straight. And brush your hair!

[Um...That last one was for me...I forget... ]

Anyway, now that I have completely outed myself as a dinosaur, I should explain that these girls are lovely and I adore them and they're young and I'm old enough to be their mother (which some of them don't realise) but... what do they represent?  
I completely understand why I got paid the second compliment... and the first too really because they go hand in hand.

Enthusiasm and manifestation of that enthusiasm.  Represent!

[Does this post make any sense at all???  It's backdated, written in the wee hours of the morn, with me seriously under the influence of lack of sleep... I write unedited and can never be bothered to come back and edit... actually this is a badly written piece and would have been the first draft but I am so behind in my posting that I just want to get them all up!  but do feel free to tell me I'm a dinosaur and I should get with the program.  feel free to leave your opinion too.


suruchi said...

u may have nothing to say but the fab looks in the last few posts are speaking volumes...I loved the "hanky panky" outfit...
u look like a little girl out for some mischief...
absolutely eye catching n always:-)

gayatri said...

i kind of get the first compliment a lot "you looks so happy" "always smiling" etc. etc. frankly it should be a norm, shouldn't be an exception, right? the mind is always switching between past and future, most people loosen its leash and then we miss living in the present and all the good that happens around us :( (ok my comment now looks like a post :P) Anyways, even Valentino echos your sentiments. he once said that women these days have forgotten to dress up. Way to go dusk! you are perfect just the way you are (guess you already know that :))

Leia said...

I totally agree with you. I think I'm a 'dinosaur' when it comes to style. Young girls go gaga over Alexander Wang: clothes made from sweatpant-like material; clothes that look like my exercise gear. I really don't understand the 'casualness' that has become the norm... one of the things I love about watching Mad Men is that ladies always looked perfectly put-together even when they were just going to the store or for a drive. I don't think it's anti-feminist to take pride in your appearance and look groomed and elegant.


Ninjagaiden78 said...

I like your style and how you seem so happy.

Veshoevius said...

"I was taken aback to hear that this way of being is "refreshing"

It is tragic isn't it? Whatever you have that makes your way of being refreshing you need to find a way to bottle it and sell it en masse! Lord knows we need more of it in the world!

Vintage Vixen said...

Being overly enthusiastic is something people never understand. In this world of sloppy dressing and casual, nonchallence anyone who differs from the norm is treated with suspicion.
Flamboyant elegance sums you up to a tee. xxx

L1L2 said...

the comment here is for the 'hanky panky'post! oooh la la... that dress, that color, and your 1st pic pose has too much oomph to delete the comment section. nice one!

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

LOVE the jewelry! amazing hun.

Oh to Be a Muse