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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Amaterasu the Shinto (Japanese) Sun Goddess and the name of this new bodylace.

It is a coincidence that the bodylace is introduced now and named after a Japanese Goddess. I created it before the events of Friday March 11th.

As many of you already know I create a jewellery range and all my pieces are named after global Goddesses.  I hadn't named a piece after a Japanese Goddess yet and (at the time of creating & throughout the week) I had been talking about Japan with a friend (exploring Tokyo together) and my husband (snowskiing, travelling around the thousands of islands by boat plus I have a need to play Taiko at a dojo there because I revere, love and play Taiko ...not like they do though! [click link] These are my teachers!).

As I normally do when I create, I was listening to my Taiko CDs and.... Amaterasu is said to have indirectly started Taiko.  So the name was meant to be.

Vintage mint dress * chiffon lilac cape * fringe earrings from my range * mirror sunglasses that reflected my camera & tripod until I swirled them * remnants of my fructose allergy... nothing to panic about.  I can't digest fructose.  My body rejects its toxicity.  That's right.  fruIts toxicity.


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Veshoevius said...

What a lovely dedication to Japan - I didnt know the Japanese worshipped goddesses. Did you know the Japanese are crazy about flamenco? I just met a big flamenco star from Japan last week right before all this happened. Its been heartbreaking to watch the aftermath.

Misfits Vintage said...

Beautiful photo as always - I love these 'cool' colours on you and the hypnotic swirly glasses are fab! Those tassle earrings make my mind explode with awesomeness.

Sarah xxx

garakami said...

I'm more into that doggone silky, flowy robe thing you got going on there! I missed you tremendously! :O

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

get well soon from your fruit allergy.
Do you know that I have a close association with japan. I have learnt japanese language, stayed in the country, learnt shiatsu there.

Kahani said...

Hahha I was thinking, even before I opened the post, from the thumbnail in my RSS feed that you looked like one groovy goddess. =)

bollywoodstylediaries said...

Love the colors of this outfit. Love ur earrings bad the body lace is also cool. I dont think I can ever carry off ur diving bodylaces!!

Leia said...

I hope my blog isn't loading slowly! Will check Stopwatch now.

Your latest bodylace, earrings, minty lilac scrumptiousness and berry (okay... what's berry colored but doesn't contain fructose? Umm... fuchsia!) fuchsia lipstick! Incredible that you had Japan on the mind before the earthquake/tsunami scariness...