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Monday, March 21, 2011

Double D

Unfortunately not my bra size. But hey!  My initials!
...and also -what in some circles is known as the Texan Tux and in others...watchu smokin' fool? - Double Denim.

I don't think I've done Double Denim since...hmmm... ever! 
Not even back in the days when I walked those streets, a loaded six string on my back and I played for keeps...
So yeah.  Double denim reminds me of 80s rockstars.  As much as I loved them, they were not my style icons.  But...I also thought the world would never see my awesome Guitar Hero skills.  And here I am...
This is what I wore to work today.  This is what I last wore to grind my axe...

By the way... you Twitterers(?) ... Tweeters?... Tweet people... if you 'see' Tex aka Fashion Butter... can you say "howdy"?  I miss that woman!


I love this denim dress, the material is marvelous, like a bandage without the pain.
I double-denimed the dress with this fabulous diamante encrusted, 'Guess' stretchy denim jacket that I have had for 18 years.

Indulging in typical 80s rock star behaviour.

And again.

The dress solo.
I'm wearing 'Athena' bodylace plus a neckpiece and ringlet from the (about to be released) Gaia line.
(close-ups below)
Hope you don't mind my sugar allergy induced cheetah-print skin!  I'm digging it! 

We're in Autumn down under and it was pouring today!  Which called for one of my vintage trench coats.
I love this coat.  I love all my coats. 

In fact, I love them so much I'm taking a page out of Misfits Vintage's blog and I'll be doing a whole post about them!
I've linked to the blog so you can also see her latest post with that delicious pink trench but scroll down to see the rest of her collection...and read her posts but BEWARE... please don't drink before you read.  Or at least, swallow.  Or you'll spray your monitor.

Misfit Sarah is one of the funniest, wittiest bloggers ever
She is rip snortingly funny, wickedly smart, deliciously stylish and one of a kind in manner and in mode.
A unique snowflake in a blogging blizzard.  J
I adore her! AND... will be seeing her very soon... totally nervous!


Neckpiece from 'Gaia' collection.  Can be worn 2 ways.

Ringlet from 'Gaia' Collection


Misfits Vintage said...

Bloody hell. Can you see me blushing from up there?

I am thrilled/mortified/honoured beyond belief!

Thank you so much, Dusk... no pressure or anything! You'll laugh your head off when we meet - I am so socially awkward I'll probably call you Denise, trip on some invisible thing, come out of the loo with my skirt tucked into my undies and toilet paper stuck to my heel and then fall off my platforms!

You are such a treasure. Thank you so much for your amazing words. Honestly, I am a bit lost for words about your words!

Got plenty of words about your outfit however! The vintage trench WITH HOOD! And the killer cowgirl boots! And that amazing ring! All SO FAB!

See you in 11 sleeps.

Love, Sarah xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

Awwww! Stop it. I'm already green with envy that you're all meeting up without me without you rocking that amazing denim frock and the awesome jewellery.
I thought the title might have been boob-related, no chance here either. xxx

Tanvi said...

OH Good Lord!!! This is a KILLER POST! ... I do not know where to start!! You look FAB! Awesome. Midn Blowing. The Poses - OMG!!! and those Boots!!! Come down to Texas DUSK!!!!

And You know Tex - She is preggers. Recently posted a pic on twitter and was glowing!!! I will pass on your Howdy to her ;)

Lovely post! Just brought my Monday spirits UP!!! :)

from ©

Toni said...

Awwww, you know I miss you too! I left you a comment a few days back about getting on Twitter. PLEASE!!!! Twitter needs you.

Toni (aka Tex) : )

sacramento said...

I want, want your killer boots, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh they have been in my head for a while now,and here they are.
I am followinf you now, and adding you to my blogroll.
You are a gilr after my own heart all right.

stanimalandannimal said...

Dusk!! I love your DD, and yes I thought your back must ache when I read the title!! I'm looking forward to more double denim wearing this spring, jean jackets are my uniform of choice but I have to wear warmer layers in winter here, unfortunately!

Kimberly Bernardo said...

Omg, looove ur blog! so fun and playful :D

Vivek Nanda said...

I reckon you look like a ROCKSTAR!!
The denims look awesome...

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I love hte pic where you are smashing ur guitar(?) and the soft blue boots are to die for! You do remind me of little red riding hood in the last pic:-)

Anonymous said...

The last time I tried denim to denim was back in college, quite a long time ago haha! Most of the bloggers are trying this and it brings back the memory! Earlier I did some shopping and saw denim to denim at Sisley's window display, it made my day really!

Anonymous said...

What a cool necklace! Love the photo of the guitar bashing! Now, I'm off to check out Misfits!

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

How is it that you look impossibly chic and utterly stunning in every single style and every single piece of clothing you ever put on??? Again I'm feeling inspired by your phenomenal body..which is PERFECT. Those baby blue shoes are amazing too and I'm adoring that ring!! I absolutely love staring at your gorgeous self...


annie said...

haha...I was a dd when I was nursing. I hated it. lol

That last ring reminds me of a scorpion! I LOVE it!