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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pattern Matrix

I see patterns everywhere.  This blackboard frame on a brick wall in an alley.  A random shot.  Until I saw it later and then it was just meant to be.  For me at least.  You're probably thinking what planet I'm on.  (For the record... Planet Mirth).

For me patterns appear everywhere.  I see them.  I see through them.  I'm totally like Neo in 'The Matrix'.  Except not.   

I just grabbed that shawl on my way out because the colour matches my boots (in my eyestyle).
I'm trying to figure out the pattern of my blog.  Bear with me.  I'm very tidal.  Sometimes deep (I think), sometimes shallow. 

Also... even though many location shots were taken both weekend days, I didn't really like any of the pics.  I have found that I'm not doing as many location shots and I'm not that interested in doing location shots unless it's a truly spectacular setting for a shot. 
And even then... I'm not so sure.

I take my tripoid with me everywhere and my husband is happy to take my pics for me but... if we're out and about and soaking in the world... 
I don't feel like giving up absorbing those moments to capture me in the moment.

Does that make sense?

By the way... yes this is a backdated post.  I'm sorry. 

We spent Saturday by the water and at my favourite markets.
Found some incredible vintage pieces!  Will be wearing one [ensemble] find very soon.

...I wore this on Sunday, also spent by the I'm not wearing a sheepdog on my head.  The men in my life all get and like the way I dress.  My sons, bless their beautiful hearts, actually like that I dress differently to the other mums and my husband loves my quirkiness, my friends (gay & straight) love the way I dress, my workmates, father-in-law too.. but this furball copped a lot of ribbing... I'm sure you can imagine it.

I will be wearing it again sometime so don't worry, you'll get your turn.  J


Tanvi said...

Lovee the dress!!! and the last shot is beautiful! :) P.S. I think we all are tidal, and only a few accept it!!

♡ from ©

Polka Princess said...

Aaah! the patterns are lovely - both the one on your shawl & the one on the sweater!! And that last shot? So cute! (Can't wait to see more of it) :)

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

I love everything about you- for what you are- your quirkiness, your seeing through patterns, you being tidal, your fabulous shots, just EVERYTHING.

La Dama said...

your shawl reminds of a Mexican blanket My mom has at home.adore how your style of colorful fotos.