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Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Circus With Love

Had the most awesome 'task' of going along with my most awesome friend Meagan (background story here) to preview and review Cirque du Soleil's latest show last night!  Except for the fact that no photography was allowed, it was a most awesome night.

That's right.  No photography.  My trigger finger was itching to shoot all night!  However Meagan will be interviewing the performers at a later date and I will be taking photographs and these I will most definitely share with you.

In the meantime... please watch a preview video here.


In most part, it's Cirque du S-Olé!  Just so full of life and vibrant colour, so rich with spirit and élan!  And ohhhh the superhuman prowess and fearlessness and grace of the performers!!
...but... in some parts it's Cirque du So-lame... brilliant acts let down by lack of continuity and cohesion. There is no place for a second of boredom in a $150 per ticket show. 

Unfortunately, that is what I felt -boredom- especially during the 'filler' bits.  This is not a new show, 'Saltimbanco' is Cirque du Soleil's oldest, major touring show and the one that remains active in some form.  The show is described by Cirque du Soleil as a celebration of life. Its creators say they developed it as "an antidote to the violence and despair prevalent in the 20th century."

I understand that this was once held under a 'Le Grand Chapiteau' (big tent) in a true circus like atmosphere and funnily enough, now that it's being held in an arena... you can actually feel how personal and interactive it should be, as opposed to how impersonal it is currently.   As a celebration of life, despite the pomp, colour, noise and activity, it's actually a bit lifeless.  In parts.

Look... as far as shows go, any Cirque du Soleil show is right up there with "must remember to breathe" experiences!  But far too much time is given to the fringe performers, the characters and if (like me) you don't know much about the underlying story... the characters start to grate!  And you just can't afford to have your audience members yawn.  Because yawns are contagious...

As Meagan says it's all so dream like and like a dream, there are parts that just don't make sense but the parts that do make sense leave you breathless!  'Saltimbanco' has amazing acts and they do not disappoint.  They make you shake your head in wonder, gasp in awe, marvel at the abilities of humans and truly want to celebrate life and all her wonders. 

If you can afford to (it's not cheap, hence my insistence that there not be a second of boredom), do go see this circus of the sun with love but do have some patience... like life, there are good bits and not so good bits... but the good bits make it all so worthwhile.  Oui?

PS. I did wear shoes.... I just liked the circus (clown) effect of my socks...


Ivy Black said...

You look gorgeous and very elegant.
Look forward to your review.x

Leia said...

Your outfit is amazing! I went to Cirque du Soleil a couple of years ago, I don't think it was Saltimbanco though, it was Varekai if I remember correctly. And it was INCREDIBLE! There really WASN'T a second of boredom. Really fantastic, I would go again!


♥ joei said...


Definitely, Maybe

L1L2 said...

dang! you are super flexible... we need your spirit! and the red accents are too fun:) so glad you are still around doing your thang! power to you...

Anonymous said...

Are you wearing a jumpsuit.....if so I have never seen a more fabulous incarnation of this garment. ;)


Twitter - @ishrattrishna

Anonymous said...

Getting to see Cirque du Soleil is high on my bucket list. I am jealous and can see that they inspired you in the photo top right.

Polka Princess said...

You've actually been to a Cirque du Soleil show.........!! Sigh! I envy!!!!

And Those 1st two pictures are so so dramatic!!

Lipsy said...

Love your outfit...chic and ubercool!!those vibrant colors look make a great combo.lovely belt

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Shruti said...

I am glad you opened the comment section :)

The caption is so cute. The whole idea is cute. I don't remember when was my last visit to any circus.
You look very cute. I know 'cute' is getting a li'll too repetitive here but I can't help. I am curious..Is that a maxi or a jump suit or a scarf wrapped around you? I just love it. Anything can be expected out of you.. you are so versatile.

Veshoevius said...

I went to a Cirque de Soleil in Oz once and quite enjoyed it but yes $150 is very steep! Love these poses!

La Dama said...

You look gorgeous amor, love the jumpsuit and pattern.
I havent been to the circus in years.