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Saturday, July 16, 2011

High Tea at The Victoria Room another most splendid experience and one I enjoy doing often... The Victoria Room is a most sumptuous setting for sensory delights and lately I seem to be living there!  
Ahh... I like to live my life in pursuit of sensory delights... it keeps me in the Smile High Club... J

I PROMISE once I get over this blog lethargy (the writing part) I will 'fill in' my posts.  I will write proper reviews of places I've been, experiences I've had and answer all questions (about my skincare routine, etc)and even comment on my posts (gasp!).  Fellow Bloggers, I'm lurking but not commenting much.  Right now is it okay if I just post my images?
My 2 lovely companions...I adore these young women!
I love being around women of all ages and am grateful that my personality allows these 'connections' (groan. cliche alert!) because there is much to learn from ages... plus we all have lots of fun!


Vix said...

Glorious in pink, Dusk! You look radiant and you'd never guess there was an age gap with you and your beautiful companions.
I often wish you could visit a blog and sign a visitor's book to say you'd stopped by. xxx

La Dama said...

I am imaginein your dress as a big pink delicious sweet cupcake. You always look so elegant them stripey pink tights.
gap difference whats that? You look great.

Veshoevius said...

You look so pretty in pink (cliche but it's true!) Gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

:) The pink is divine on you! You get the coolest pictures!

Those deserts look amazing.

I also enjoy spending time with people of all ages.

Tanvi said...

One day I am going to learn the tricks and trades of taking these fabulous pictures!!!

That cupcake looks divine!!! Sugar cravings are back for nowwwww!

♡ from ©

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous skirt you are flaunting. Wish I could come for high tea with you...

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Absolutely stunning in pink and the tea looks delicious! xx