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Friday, May 18, 2012

Jungle Suit

What is it about cold weather that makes people reach for the most dreary colours??  I understand the motive but not the reasoning.
The motive being it's cold and being cold makes people want to hide hence the reaching for colours like greige, blah and boringzzzz, which act like Harry Potter's magic doesn't make sense! 
It makes sense to reach for colours that are bright and vibrant and warming...but every time, I get comments (and strange looks!) about the colours I wear when everyone else is wearing an invisible suit.  People are so afraid to not fit the norm. 

This is a caaraaaaayzyyy jumpsuit.  It most certainly isn't invisible.  It doesn't fit any norm.  It just is what it is.  The law of the jungle...

I look like so try-hard here!  This image amuses me!

Wore this ensemble out, to photograph a big burlesque event.

work ensemble.
Is this the most boring post ever?

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Bella Q said...

I love the first outfit- I have a couple of versions of it- love the retro print- but my long torso pulls at it funny and camel toe is not my friend. I love your photographs- your beauty is so life affirming for me.