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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Woman Dot

Apparently "polka" is a Czech Polish word for "woman". And the only reason polka dots are called thus, is because when the pattern was first created in the 19th century, in Britain, the Polka dance was all the rage and everything that was anything that could be named, became a Polka something. 

Sigh.  And I was hoping for something a bit more meaningful.  Like connect the dots...


I look a bit Frrensh here, non?
* 80s polka-dot, tiered skirt dress
* a shirt I have had for a long looooong time.
* a vintage angora red beret

Wore this ensemble out one night with friends but was also photographing that night.
These days, I have to combine my social life with working nights (does that sound bad??) otherwise I would never be home and home is where my hearth is...

* metallic gold jumper
* orange maxi tube colum skirt with split
* fabulous pewter boots
* a hat that might as well be my head in winter time...

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