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Monday, December 31, 2012

Life Is What You Make It. Make Love.

Hello lovelies... how are you?  It has been a while and I have a backlog of photos and posts and experiences and stories and travel tales and anecdotes and vox populi events for feminist solidarity to share with you and oh wow... it has been an incredible year.  But then again, I say that every year.  I'm the Good Year blimp :)

I believe in ending the year thinking about all the positive things that year has brought you.  I believe that by moaning and whining about how bad your year was, you're setting yourself up for more of the same because that's all you expect.  Why?... because YOU create your year.  Or rather, YOU create how you perceive your year.  How dare you blame the year for the way your life played out?
Yes, yes, this is all esoteric territory but I sit firmly between spirituality and practicality and frankly, it just makes sense.  You do things often enough you create a habit.  Good or bad.

I am not one to dwell on any perceived negativity. I don't post "oh woe is me" updates on facebook or anywhere! And I don't bond with people through misery and the sharing of 'weaknesses'.
I don't believe in failure, I believe in lessons.  Yeah.  I'm a walking cliche. But I'm an optimistic cliche and I'm a cliche that lives a life full of LIFE.

Woah... this is getting heavy... but I'm feeling heavy...with a joyous yet poignant gravitas!  And I'm glad the world didn't end but seriously, who expected this??  What has ended - I believe- is a cycle.  

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I love New Year's Eve!  I get so excited! Regardless of what I'm doing... I could just be sitting at home and I would still be excited!  We do always have or create something exciting to do on NYE because I love to start the new year off with pomp and ceremony.  It sets me up for the rest of the year.  

There has been much global sadness this year and I refuse to contribute to it by moping.  I cry because tears are needed to cleanse and renew and then I put things in to perspective in my own.  Anything I have ever had to feel sad about pales in comparison to what humanity suffers at the hands of people day after day.  I am blessed and I am grateful, so grateful for my life, and this is what I project to the world. 

I didn't have to call upon my Powers of Optimistic Perception [aka POP] this year.  All I had to do was let my mind smile and allow myself to want the best for me.  Sounds simple huh?  Try it. Actually no. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try. [Thank you Yoda].

I'm sure you have heard of the HOLSTEE MANIFESTO?  Well, many of us, way before this, way way back in time, made the choice to love our lives to max, to our personal max. 

...and then once you are solid in loving yourself, that's when it's time to turn to the important things... because (and I have written about this before) you cannot be truly selfless in your love for others if you do not truly love yourself.  It's about putting the oxygen mask on yourself before your child, metaphorically speaking. 

I wish for you much abundance in every way... much love and warmth and peace... amongst the reality of life, I wish for you primarily much joy and solidarity and truth and fun and laughter and life... LIFE... 

May 2013 be a year where you do live the life you deserve. The year where you do understand that life is complex in its simplicity, why complicate it?  

...I don't do resolutions but... I choose to be a consistent blogger in 2013... and this blog is taking a new direction.... watch this zone... 


Bella Q said...

I watch this zone like a hawk. I love this zone. You are glorious- inspirational, beautiful and uplifting. In short: I am happy to have you in my world. xo. Bella Q

Anonymous said...

Completely agree - our year is what we make it and I choose to make it a miraculous one. I have the Holstee manifesto framed on my desk and a vision board above it to remind me of my intentions for the year.

I'm looking forward to finding out my potential and welcoming new baby in April :)

Hope you had a great celebration and rang in the new year with that irresistible spirit of yours.

Tanvi said...

I share your positivity and views (but you already know that!).

Wish you a wonderful 2013.

Lots of love,
Tanvi ∞ © ∞