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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A grey area!

This is what happens when you stop to buy milk at a shopping centre... you get hijacked by shoe stores! The patent-grey pair I bought today. So much for never wearing grey... but this is a bold move on my part. For me, buying grey is outside of my comfort zone.
I associate grey with insipidity, indecision but... these shoes...these shoes own the pavement.

The brown pair is like walking on a garden bed of the video for Madonna's 'Love Profusion'.


mariel elisa said...

that grey shoe is awesome! it has such a strong silhouette

Dusk said...

Hi Mariel!
...absolutely awesome and really comfortable! Have just been over your way (blog wise), saw your gorgeous blue velvet leggings and thought how perfectly they would go together! Thanks for coming by hon... ~peace~

KÍA said...

grey shoes are so sexy

theDUSKzone said...

...and I am really surprised about that! I don't own anything else grey but I just love these shoes!

Kia thank you so much for visiting!

~peace~ Dusk

carlyjcais said...


I LOVE those grey shoes!
Pleasepleaseplease tell me where you got them!

What a great find:-)