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Monday, March 29, 2010


Today I am merely dressed to go to yoga, not that exciting, so I thought I'd make today's post about the details of yesterday's post.

I love these glasses. Rhinestone framed and full of attitude. No, I don't know what that means. Yes, that is my yoga mat.

© theDUSKzone 2010

I bought this blue bag yesterday. For A$2. The handle hinge pin was 'broken'. psshhh. Took all of 2 seconds to fix.
These earrings are the perfect marriage of flash and subtlety... speaking of subtle, just in case you forgot my name...
© theDUSKzone 2010 © theDUSKzone 2010

This is the bag I carried yesterday.
I bought this bangle yesterday, it's a 'curvy triangle' shape, with chain detail and just rocks!
That's my zipper cuff. Very easy to make.
© theDUSKzone 2010 © theDUSKzone 2010
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FrouFrouu said...

Eek, that blue bag is painfully deelish, amazing find.

Vintage Obsession said...

love the shades so bloddy hot!! and very clever with the whole zipper thingy :) lovely as usual:)

Leia said...

I love the cuff/bangle combination! Can you make me a zipper cuff too, please & thank you :P

Steph said...

RE: haha yes I know I will miss my little Gixxer. Dearly. But change is also good sometimes, and I don't know about 1000cc's, as much as I love it I never do use it.

What did you used to ride?


Vintage Obsession said...

oh darn i was just outbid like in the last minute damm !! i had already bought new shoes for those :))

Steph said...

Hey again love!

Haha not at all "mumsy"! Can't believe you have children!? You look f ing amazing woman. And hey it's not about the CC's, its about the ride and how you find it, right?

I'm test riding the 600 again this weekend. Argh. I know it will end with me wanting it but I don't want to give up my Gixxer. Booo hu. Dilemas. My man said it's better to have a bike that you can use to it's full potential, which I could never do on the streets of Sydney with my 1000 CC's. I use it mainly for commuting so... But its such an awesome ride. Will keep you posted!

Glad that you're enjoying my blog, that makes me very happy =) I'm so happy I've found another chic that rides! And that Leslie Poterfield - far out what a WOMAN!


The Goddess of Boho said...

The accessories are so pretty they're making me cry!
One of these days you must take a picture with the glasses on :)
Would love to see how they look!


Dusk said...

My sassy Vintage... and I had bought something to go with that dress for you... :( ... I might send it anyway, so you'll have to email me your address one day.
It's funny though...that dress was watched by 22 people but I guess the auction ended at an awkward time.


Hey Steph...I don't ride anymore, being a parent changes what you're willing to risk and Sydney drivers worry me.
eg. drivers relying too much on their peripheral vision to check out their blind side. children all know how to ride bikes, they grew up riding trail bikes and 125s' and 2 of them (incl. daughter) definitely want to get road bikes but...being a parent means that sometimes you have to let responsibility prevail over ability.

I rode in Malaysia in January, everyone is SE Asia rides and traffic is chaotic but I feel much safer riding there than here!

I do agree about having a bike that you can use to its full potential but then I also look at DB9s and think, your poor sexy darling, you should be on an autobahn, not the Eastern Distrubutor!
Enjoy your test ride and Happy Easter!


Heya GoB...accessories are powerful like that! The post before this one, 'Peace of Me', I'm wearing the glasses. I'll wear them again soon and take a close-up.

Thanks for the comments gorgeous beings!