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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A peace of me...

I create these*, just in case you're wondering. I like to make peace.

Except for that umpteenth time when I'm yelling telling my teenage children to clean up after themselves. I'm at peace afterwards though. Somehow I don't think Gandhiji would approve.

Daughter and I spent the day at Glebe markets and surrounds, picked up some gawgeous things, saw some GORgeous people, almost gorged myself with some jewelry I saw. Remember this name, 'Coco Liberace'
...and check out 'the STREET zone' for pics. [soon]

* seamless, stretch tank tops come in black or cobalt with white lettering & sunshine yellow with purple lettering.
In Aus sizes; 8, 10, 12, 14 [limited sizes left]. Please contact me for more info.

'Peace of Me' tank * fuschia skirt * polka dot scarf * rhinestone frame sunnies * b&w wedges * black sequin elastic cuff, various black, white, b&w and purple bangles, gold chain/clear resin bangle, zip cuff, pink daisy earrings... and groan, I forgot to photograph my bag! It gets so many comments!


The Goddess of Boho said...

Love the look!
The tag line is awesome :)
The pistachio green ruffled top and pink skirt make a lovely combination!
And that anklet is soooo pretty it's making me cry!

Vintage Obsession said...

OMG!! i love that skirt is it a Bannana Republic? I have the same thing in black.
The tee i wanna steal and run:)
P.S i totally guessed that you must've been (or still do) a model:))

Aisha said...

The t-shirt is absolutely cute! And you make EVERYTHING you wear look so good. YOu're such an insipration, I've got another 8 years to go before I turn 40 and if I look half as good as you do (even now), gosh, I'd be ecstatic

P.S. My boyfriend thinks you're super hot!

Sherin said...

Wow, the tanks look really good. They're so original.

The Photodiarist said...

Great photos!! And do love the T-shirt.

P.S. Thanks for all of your wonderful comments, especially on the last post, The Boats of Bedford. I love reading them.

leia said...

Gosh - you look FAB!

Giovanna ♥ said...

So cute! Love the t-shirt :)

Kahani said...

you have teenage KIDS? *is awed*

Dusk said...

Thank you for your lovely comments lovelies! Apologies for the late reply but...I'm slightly embarassed about this. About all the lovely things you say.
It's not false modesty, I happily accept compliments in "real life" because someone has gladly paid it. I'm just, I don't know, humbled I guess...and inarticulate too now!


Hello Goddess of Boho'd be surprised how many don't immediately get that tag line!!
That anklet is so pretty, will have to do a DeMille.
Good to 'see' you!


Hi my sassy and your "steal and runs"!! Has me in stitches every time! What would I do without you?? The skirt is from the Aus equivalent of Banana Republic...and I'm only a model in my own mind and site now! I modelled in the 80s and 90s, early noughties. Models are half my size now. My proportions are old school! x


Aisha you are so lovely...thank you. Your comment 'validates' one of my reasons for starting this blog. Getting older for me, means getting bolder! You have such a lovely energy, thank you for visiting me.
...hahaha! Thank you to your boyfriend but he doesn't have to see me yelling at the kids to pick their dirty clothes off the floor, etc, etc!


Thanks Sherin! They sell well too, I have a few other slogan tanks that I will feature soon.

*********** deserve all the accolades you get. You have an unbelievable eye.


Leia with the lovey hair... thank you hon!


Hi Giovanna, thank you so much and thank you for coming by! Much appreciated!


Lovely Kahani...thank you...:)

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i know this is an old post, but can i tell you how much i love your face in this shoot? and you are working your hair! wonderful!