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Friday, March 26, 2010

Going for baroque...

When attending an event as lushly and 'Baroque-ly' titled as 'A Velvet Affair', one doesn't hold back on opulence. You go for broke.
I was Senora Consuela Equestrienne, going to the fiesta...
Rich colours, wristbands and strands and strands and strands of pearls... velvet jewels on tips and top, all I'm missing is a riding crop!
[oh how sweet. she rhymes too]

© theDUSKzone 2010 © theDUSKzone 2010
© theDUSKzone 2010 © theDUSKzone 2010

velvet waistcoat & Hollywood Tape because wardrobe malfunctions are so last year * flouncy ruffle hemmed wrap skirt * strands of gold & pale pink faux pearls * pearl-ly earrings * purple, fuschia & ruby rings * wristbands


Vintage Obsession said...

I love the pearls,They are so elegant and classy no?.oww your a Kathak dancer ?too much.Well not much of a surprise coz its really difficult for non dancers too pose like the way you do:)

P.S I am a size 4 but can manage in 5.JUst checked it said the dress is a size 8 or 10.Do you think i will be able to manage like alter it or something ?
For the love of laces have been looking for them all over !

Dusk said...

Hey hon... size 4 or 5 US? I don't know what size system you go by. This dress is a US size 6-8.
You could take it in at the side seams. Dress does have a belt to tighten it. Email me your measurements, that will give me a better idea.

I love pearls, I love the simple, classic, elegant look of them as a single strand on others. On me, I like them bunched! I don't do simple!
No, I don't dance Kathak anymore, I'm very rusty, now I dance Flamenco...which is very similar to Kathak! hand movements, posture, etc.
...I'm just a big poseur anyway!!
(back in my younger days, way before you were born :P, I used to model)... x