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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A joyful day...

Today was Harmony Day in Australia.
It's a day " celebrate a commitment to harmony and mutual respect in a culturally diverse nation".

Orange is the colour of Harmony [Day]. Orange should then be worn everyday. If not in deed, then in thought.
...will there ever be a day when such a day is not needed?

© theDUSKzone 2010 © theDUSKzone 2010

Orange is also the colour of self-respect, joy, unity, unison, kinship, creativity, energy and purpose

© theDUSKzone 2010 © theDUSKzone 2010

...and peace.

© theDUSKzone 2010 © theDUSKzone 2010

I took all these pics using my tripod and fabulous camera. I have 2 digicams, 1 is ancient (Optio S60) and one the last digicams to feature remote capability, the other (Fuji Finepix) is as close as a digicam can get to a DSLR. The latter is what I used today.
It's very technical, creates depth of field, etc. Also, quite amazing what a timer and 12-frame burst can produce!

wearing:orange swing dress * vintage crochet 1-piece * peace at my throat chakra [this was a keyring that I tied to leather thonging] * long necklace, pendant has orange stones * gold & wood bangles & cuff * leather wristband that doubles as a watchband * vintage Faberge sunglasses * multi stipe cork wedges


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

beautiful pictures, I love your dress! xoxo

Vintage Obsession said...

OMGG!!! i love how you have put everythin together :)) so awesome love the last pic with the water as the profile :)) loving it:))

Boho Glamour said...

Thanks for your lovely comments! What a fierce little blog you have here! Keep up the great work.

Cara Mia ♥

Sam said...

Gorgeous pics! How did you do the double one?? I love your watch!

Dusk said...

Thank you for the comments gorgeous people!

Kahani said...

Ooh I'm so bookmarking your blog girl! Love your motion shots, very inspiring for fellow fashion bloggers. =D Also I adore some of your ideas!

Dusk said...

Hi Kahani...I love your name... It sounds a bit Hawai'ian but also, 'kahani' means story in Hindi, like a wise tale or fable.

Thank you for your lovely words, I love your blog and love your humour! You'll see me there often.