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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gimme summer that

...34c or thereabouts on an Autumn day... how could you not tell this is Sydney?

© theDUSKzone 2010
© theDUSKzone 2010
© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010
© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010

vintage lace-panel lace-up 1-piece that I have had for 20 years and it's still in immaculate condition! * blood orange denim shorts * was wearing thongs (flip-flops), left foot lime, right foot orange


silk+honey said...

ommggggg!!!! the boat shots make me wish i was in greece!! haha lovely pics

theDUSKzone said...

That particular beach we moor at has a 'Greek-iness' about it so yes, I know how you feel!
...thanks for coming by...

Faridah said...

Comment time! YAY!

These photos are gorgeous, love. Sydney is beautiful! Lucky girl. I too want to soak up as much sunshine and water as I can before winter hits.

Dusk said...

Hello gorgeous Faridah...I'm doing the sun sponge thing every day at the moment (and slathering my face and body with my body butters and rosehip oil after!!).

Sydney is beautiful and we are fortunate that we can explore it by boat...many, many beautiful beaches that can't be or are hard to access by land.

Thanks for coming by hon, much appreciated. x

Leia said...

These photos are DIVINE! I love this beachy look. I tink it really suits you. And now I am DYING to go on a boat/spend time by the sea... why oh why am I so far away from a port/beach??