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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Flower Day...

In Hindi, 'fool' or rather, 'phool' means flower... the frills and ruffles of my flamenco skirt unfurl like flower petals...yes?
Pink & yellow is another favourite combination. Such a joyful pairing.

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Faridah said...

That skirt is amazing! It's so beautiful the way it catches the light.

Dusk said...

Hello gorgeous!
This is my solo performance skirt and it is amazing! I'll have finished a turn and the skirt will still be twirling!
...toned the rest of the photos sepia so the pink is highlighted.

It's always lovely to see you and of course I'm always happy to see you've uploaded a new post. I take it you're wonderfully (or horrendously!) busy?

The Goddess of Boho said...

Love the pictures!
I like the whole skirt flying feel.
And listening to you talk about flamenco so much is making me want to learn it!

P.S. I'm a belly dancer and I should tell you this, it is the love <3
You should learn it too!

Sherin said...

That is one awesome skirt. I love how flowy it is!

Dusk said...

Hey gorgeous GoB...Flamenco is powerful and regal and graceful and passionate!! I love it! I am training to become a teacher, right now I'm concentrating on getting my Diploma.
Yes we get tested!
You should toruly learn it. It's intricate and exact and teaches the value of softness to make a hard point.

...I have been dancing since I was a 5yo child, so 35 years now! eek! so whatever dance course I can get my feet in, I have done and do! I have belly danced and I love it! I can't quite move my stomach like that but because I can sort of dance hula and tamure, I'm pretty good with my hips. My friends and I regularly go to Turkish and Lebanese restaurants and end up dancing the night away... I love it when it's just the Ladies Nights... the women go wild!

oooh...take some pics of you in costume and dancing!! Or if not of yourself, some of the other dancers. How beautiful...

Dusk said...

Hi Sherin is an awesome skirt! It's a traditional flamenco skirt so it's heavy and has 8 godets (panels), that's why it's so 'flowy'. It gets a lot of comments, even from the other dancers!

The Goddess of Boho said...

As a matter of fact i was planning to do just that.
Oh and I a teach as well.
I was thinking of putting a lovely picture of the instructors :)

Hula and Tamure? Wow!
I have alwaaaays wanted to learn the hula.
But here in Mumbai there is nobody teaching the dance form. It's such a pity!
And no one teaches flamenco either.
I'd kill to learn the dance form.
Do you suggest CDs?
And yes, the Ladies' nights are something, aren't they? :)

Goddess of Boho

Vintage Obsession said...

Awesome skirt ,,Love ruffles so fun no they are no? i habe top like that with layers and stuff,,so fun these pictures are ,where is this place ?

Leia said...

PERFECT ! SKIRT ! I wanttttt!!! *green with envy*

Dusk said...

GoB...that's awesome that you teach and yes please! Bring on the pics!

I used to live in the Pacific, that's why I know hula and tamure...nothing tones the butt faster!!
...hmmm...DVDs are okay but you don't get the nuances and there's no one there to correct your form or explain a step cadence or clapping tempo. You're a teacher so you understand what I mean. Surely there must be someone living in Mumbai who can teach...why don't you ask the Spanish Consulate or embassy??
...and again with the US embassy to see if any Hawaiian dancers are there!

Wow. You could learn, get your teaching diploma and open up a dance school... I'm not kidding!! That would be amazing.


Sassy Vintage! are you honey? I love ruffles too, very pirate/Spanish/charming!

Unless I'm "on location" (hahahaha!!), majority of the photos are taken in or around my house. These ones were taken on the upper level of our backyard, we have a very tropical garden plus we live on the edge of a forest, which reminds me I must post a picture of our "jungli" rabbits!
...and I'm eagerly awaiting a sassy new post...

Dusk said...

Gorgeous have perfect hair... so we're even...!
You could search dance shops for flamenco skirts or even eBay. In order for them to 'flounce and bounce' they need to have 8 panels.

Vintage Obsession said...

What a house that must be to live in ,,waaaa!!:)Ella Enchanted :))
I am in the midst of a DIY will be done tomorrow.Hoping its going to turn out as i hoped ,Will post tomorrow :)

bollywoodstylediaries said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! love ur blog..This skirt is soo pretty and I love the pose in the last pic..


Dusk said...

Hi Sonali...thanks hon!

Leah said...

I really admire how you work with colors... Me, I'm just too boring. But you really inspire me to mix colors.

PS... I sent you an email. xoxo

Dusk said...

Leah hon...You're as boring as fireworks. As in...not at all!!!!