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Friday, April 2, 2010

Clash of the Facts

We went to see 'Clash of the Titans' today followed by a dash of Thai. (see what I did there?) . Gemma Aterton (Io) is divine. And listening to Liam Neeson (Zeus) is like bathing in folds of warm liquid velvet chocolate... aherm...sorry. Where was I? Right.

The movie...hmmm... could be better, should have been better and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Greek mythology nerd and it's a very loose adaptation.
It's a blockbuster, it's fairy floss. We know that. We don't watch blockbusters for fact. We get that from learning Greek Mythology. :) but...this is more of a blockedbuster. It's boring.

One of my many Wonder Woman / superhero tees. My subconcious dressed me. If you're a WW aficionerdo like me, you'll know that WW's story is steeped in Greek Mythology.
This Goddess tee is of the Goddess like Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman..alas, I didn't do her famous twirl...because WW doesn't actually do that.
What WW does do is move. Her magical bracelets deflect bullets faster than a super ninja on speed.

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Vintage Obsession said...

Love the boots.,, you planning on selling them ? wink wink :-P :)) Blue pants so much fun.

Dusk said...

hahahaha!!! You're so gorgeous!
Funny thing is, I did have an exact pair that I sold last year, I had bought a bigger size but then found this pair in my size.
...I bought these at bargain prices because no one was buying the OTK boots 2 years ago! Does it ever get cool enough over your way, to wear boots hon??

Vintage Obsession said...

Cool or not i wear them :)) COz if i wait for the wheather gods then sigh !! .though i dont wear a lot of them , in Bangalore where i stay the wheather is always very pleasent including summers so i can wear them .
No one was buying them,Hmm oh heart !!

* Reena Rai * said...

Love that cute outfit! Sad to hear the movie is such a loose adaptation. Seen that you're in Sydney, I absolutely looooove it there it's my second home :)

Dusk said...

Sassy true, you're right, I have lived in a perma-hot country and have refused to let that get in the way of my wardrobe!


Hi Reena...oh the movie isn't bad, it's a blockbuster not a documentary, so a lot of license taken, a bit slow in parts though.

Thanks for stopping by Reena, lovely to 'see' you! yu come to Sydney often? Do you have family or friends here?