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Monday, April 12, 2010

Going batty...

So, while the STREET zone is going catty, I'm going batty...driving myself up the wall. Literally. Couldn't find my bat cave. Wallzheimers.

© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010

I like contrasts...contradiction...contradictory things... lace and bats and pink and black. I once used to write a Rugby Union blog. I wrote the Contradictionary: A-Zen of Nothing there.

© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010

pink lace lingerie top with black top underneath because I was in PG circles today otherwise it would have been semi-monty * the best palazzo pants ever * Batman suspenders * 'love' earrings * black sequin cuff * diamante-rimmed sunnies * silver speckled gold thumb ring * vintage Cartier



Vintage Obsession said...

well worth all the suspense you created back there :) everytime i read your post i go OHHHHHHH!! love those printed suspenders ,thinking of making one for me :)
So hot with the pink,whistles :-)

Dusk said...

You really are an engineer...whether it's software or softwear!! You're very talented at creating honey!
I think you need to DIY embroider some how you did your gorgeous shirt!

...I love my pink. This lace top I picked up for Aus$4 brand new, discounted from Aus$49.99!!
Those pants were thrifted, shoes I've had for 12 years, suspenders for about 15.

Anonymous said...

love the batman suspenders! cheeky and fun!



Anonymous said...

I Love your pants, and the pink top to go with it, georgeous:)

xo Factory Girl

Vintage Obsession said...

So lucky $4 =160 Rs AHHHH! i am not going to hide how jealous i am of all the lacy collection be it tops or dresses you have,Have been looking for one for ages ,Which is ecactly why i wanted to lay my hands on your gorgeous black dress,Most of the stuff i have seen here has a cheap look ,not just in material it gives you a trashy feeling.

haha Thanks for the lovely compliments ,Running to the place where i got the material to make my suspenders ,will make some thing funky this time after lookin at you :-) you never fail to inspire me :)

Leia said...

ooh, you look awesome!

Bijou's Style said...

love those suspenders!!


The Red Umbrella said...

Holy Batgirl! So cute!

Nina said...

These photos are amazing babe! I kno we're under strict instructions but I had to see how you photographed this after yesterday! Y're such a strength showoff :-D. Jk. Love the walled in box effect too, you and your wordplay!

C you Fri xx

Kelly said...

Your poses are amazing!!!!!
Love your pink top!!!
Btw thanks for your comment, sweety!


Dusk said...

Hi Justyna....thank you! I'm the only 40yo I know who still wears her comic book heroes with pride... :)


Hi Factory Girl..thanks and they both look good on me as well... ;)...!


sassy Vintage...looking forward to seeing what you do hon.


Thank you lovely Leia


Hi Bijou...thank you, the suspenders always get noticed!


Hi Red Umbrella... I was waiting for a Holy [whatever] so thank you!!


Very funny Nina darling! I LOVE that you got the effect!!!!...and if I was as strong as I used to be I'd be using just my feet. See you Fri hon...xo


[By the family and friends are under "strict instructions" to not comment because I don't want 'false popularity'. hahahahahahaha I'm such an idiot. But I'm serious.]


Hi Kelly...I love your profile pic, so serene and beautiful... thank you for your compliment and for visiting.

bollywoodstylediaries said...

those pants look really comforable and u seem to be having a really good time while taking the pics:-) Not a big fan of bats but Batman (Christian Bale), thats another story;-)

Dusk said...

Hi Sonali...those pants are extremely comfortable! And I love taking the pics because;
a) I'm a drama queen - not in mode, mood nor emotion - and this satisfies my need for theatrical flair a la "all the worlds a stage"
b) I love editorials. I love photo-essays. A combination of my journo background and comic book nerdiness! All my posts have a theme, in the way the pics relate to the words and they way the pics are placed.

Love Batman! Christian Bale as Batman... lurve!!!!!!! I'm with you on that story!!

Leah said...

Gosh, the suspenders are the cutest ever. You have to be a gymnast for you to be able to make those poses... so fun!!!

Dusk said...

Oh my goodness!! Leah...Talk about synchronicity!! I'm still going through your fabulous blog you gorgeous woman you!!!

Vincent Bronner said...

Love your photographs too.

Prutha said...

cool posses and i live the pink lace

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