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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Me-rror Has 2 Phases...

...but vintage ponchos were the order of the day. 'Hanging'* with the girls this morning, running errands in the afternoon.

Hmm...should do this more often. I actually forget that sometimes I change clothes 3 times a day! Yes I know that sounds excessive and high maintenance and no, I'm not Beyonce at the Oscars or in an Indian movie song.
And it's not always a full change. Plus the 3rd change would be for night... I prefer to fit the occasion. Particularly if I have to go from workout to work to out...
Most days I'm either at yoga or flamenco or Taiko or some other class* then back to the office then out again, etc. ".. in the morning I had a gymnastics type class so I was wearing appropriate gear and the poncho and skirt are good throw-over items and my feet were cold! In the afternoon, I had to run some errands and meet someone I may be doing an article about. Morning gear not appropriate. Plus I was sweaty after the class so shower needed!...then at night, it was the combined birthday party for my youngest and my daughter, so I had a minor change, swapped the white poncho for a purple faux-fur collared zip-up top and closed in shoes because it had cooled down again..." taken from comment box to explain further because I am slightly embarassed by my 'hedonism'!

On another my blog travels I have seen something that's bloggling my mind, so much so I had to talk about this with myself... there seems to be a prevailing fear of colour.
Time for a Vox Op. An opinion post. I've been known to have one. Stay tuned and feel free to convince me otherwise.

© theDUSKzone 2010 © theDUSKzone 2010

One of the many advantages of being old getting older is that if you keep something long enough and in good condition, eventually it becomes vintage! I have had these beautiful cherry leather Bally boots for...hmmm...ever.
...these sunglasses are not vintage but their cattitude is yes?

© theDUSKzone 2010

These are 2 of our wild ferocious rabbits that stalk the countryside (our garden) and strike fear in the hearts of....ants. They love colour.

© theDUSKzone 2010 © theDUSKzone 2010

AM - blue tank * shredded denim mini * vintage red & pink poncho * vintage Bally boots
PM - sunshine yellow calico dress * vintage poncho * yellow & raffia, resin coated bangle * canvas & raffia wedges * cattitude sunnies



Leia said...

The more I find out about you, the more I realise how AWESOME you are. I loved your response to my post about non-fashion related important things, so thank you for that!

- I am scared of color and not afraid to admit it. But I'm trying to incorporate it more into my wardrobe! Looking forward to your opinion post. Please pepper it with 'how to add vibrancy to your life, the Dusk way' tips for those of us who need them ;)

- your sunglasses, wowwwww, I love!!!


Vintage Obsession said...

can you register these rabbits on E bay ?:) so cute :)
How did you do this ,i mean the pictures ,fabulous as ever :) the yellow!!! ,your making me cry now :-)
Wish i could pull a Harry Potter and take stuff right out of the pictures :)

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I love ur red/pink poncho and ur wedges...u change clothes 2-3 times a day, wow!! u should take some pics of ur closet and upload it - I bet its better than Carrie's:-)....I do love color but not very bright, eye popping shades - a lot also depends on the style and cut of the outfit..

Dusk said...

lovely Leia...I loved that post, very eloquently written and I loved how you made your point without being pushy or judgemental. shucks...thank you for such lovely words, you don't need tips, you are already so vibrant.


sassy Vintage...this shade of yellow would look so good on you! This dress is a favourite summer dress, am still hanging on to summer, it's getting cold here now :( for the's all about the perspectives and angles. I took the outfit photos separately, different times of day but 'lined' them up.

You know...I think it is possible to list the bunnies on eBay...!


Hiya Sonali hon.... hahahahahahahaha!!! I made it sound so excessive and high-maintenance!! What I mean is that some days, I have to change 3 times a day.

For example, yesterday, the day of this post... in the morning I had a gymnastics type class so I was wearing appropriate gear and the poncho and skirt are good throw-over items and my feet were cold!
In the afternoon, I had to run some errands and meet someone I may be doing an article about. Morning gear not appropriate. Plus I was sweaty after the class so shower needed!
...then at night, it was the combined birthday party for my youngest and my daughter, so I had a minor change, swapped the white poncho for a purple faux-fur collared zip-up top and closed in shoes because it had cooled down again.

Didn't bother taking pics of that. Likewise on the days I have flamenco class...I do change out of my flamenco wear, same with Taiko...I don't walk around dressed like a Samurai! And yoga clothes are for the yoga studio.

...I know it sounds like hard work but for me, it's not! I am lucky that I work for myself so I have a certain amount of freedom with time but I'm old-fashioned and just plain old in a lot of ways...I like to be appropriately dressed for the occasion.

eek. this answer is an essay! I do have a huge wardrobe but I recycle my clothes every month either by selling or giving away to friends and charities. Yes I shop a lot but you'd be surprised at how little I spend a month...

Krislyn said...

wow i love your style and the content of your posts! each one is definitely an interesting read! furthermore, do you model? you're amazing!

Vinda Sonata said...

gorgeous outfit, dusk. i love the knit poncho. love the frame of the sunglasses too. very unique, the bunnies are very cute too. and yay.. they're brown! <3

p.s. you study yoga? no wonder you have a great figure! and to answer your question, i'm a pilates teacher-in-training, been a student for about 2 years too :)

Dusk said...

Krislyn hello!...thank you for your lovely words. I used to model in my my teens and twenties, which was [gulp] a long time ago. You can take the woman out of modeling but you can't take the poseur out of the model!

...but forget all that...I've just spent some time going through your blog and reading your posts [I will comment on them!]...your Berkeley post clenched my heart and the post before... you're a feminist after my own heart!! I always say to be a true feminist you have to appreciate everything that makes you female and feminine!

Thank you for visiting me. I hope to 'see' you often....and oh damn I love Bear Grylls! See those rabbits up there...their grandmother was named Bear after him. Their grandfather was called Fox...Mulder. Yes we have rabbits named after people who are named after other animals.

Dusk said...

Hi Vinda...thank you hon, yes the sunnies are unique...need to take better pics of them because they're actually glitter encrusted frames, if you click on the pic you can get a better look.
...we had black bunnies too! Only one in this batch though, he's gone back in to the forest now but will be back.

Yes, I'm a Bikram Yoga practitioner. Cannot be without, tones me up and tunes me in and preps me for flamenco and taiko.

How exciting for you! Will you open your own studio/teach your own classes or will you join an established Pilates place? You have such graceful're a perfect advertisement for Pilates!

Romany said...

You look gorgeous! I absolutely need your white poncho.
Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog (it's getting hard to keep up with, due to my laptop issues, unfortunately)!
And I'm glad you commented on Joe Zee's quote - I agree, I think if I were in a journalist's position I would also be worried of that. I guess Joe was just making the mistake of putting all fashion bloggers in the same category as someone like Tavi...
Oh you should definitely check out Mad Men! Brilliant show! :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

3 outfits a day sounds just fine to me (especially if it includes some yoga clothes). Love your picture idea and the 'vintage' bally boots.

Leah said...

I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOUR BLOG... take note of the all-caps... that means I really do.

I love how you tell your story, your fun poses and your style. And those ponchos are so fun. I love them. xoxo

PS... I think I'll be following you from now on. :-)

Anonymous said...

Georgeous outfit and love your poncho:)

Leah said...

I LOVE YOU Dusk!!! You are the best! Big big hugs and kisses from Manila!

Dusk said...

Romany...thank you honey! I am so sorry to hear that you're taking a blog-atus because of laptop woes :(... have just found your blog and adore it!
...about Joe Zee and others of his ilk, as a journalist I feel the pain but also see the pleasure. Speech is free right?

As for Tavi...I find her interesting and not unusual. I was out Cyndi Laupering Cyndi and Madonna was my inspiration when I was her age... we were all interested in the 'mainstream extreme' of fashion, my friends were all like that, our generation was. Although I was always more out there than most!
Of course we weren't dressed by Miuccia and Rei and I do wander how a 13yo can afford Miumiu et al...but...she is a prodigy, a fashion genius and if this was another industry or medium, she would perhaps be not so lambasted as she is by fashion media.

She's precocious. most teenagers are. At 11-13 we have the luxury of time to cultivate knowledge on what interests us most. For me, back then, it was super hero comic books and sci-fi.

It's a bitchy industry, these journos fight tooth and Chanel coated nail to just get a coveted invitation and here comes 13yo Tavi, a mere child with her blog popularity and blue hair and gets seated first row.

...and what's funny is that these people use awkward breastless child-like models to sell their mags and when an awkward, breastless child comes along who actually wears all the conceptual clothes that editorials spin but the buying public rarely wears...ha!

I actually think she makes more sense than most fashion mags. Then again she thinks she knows everything. Bloody teenagers. :)

Will definitely check out 'Mad Men'... hope to see you son hon...apologies for this essay!

Kelly said...

I looooove ponchos!
And yours is perfect!!!
You look gorgeous!


Dusk said...

Hello SabineYsynopsis... how are you? I had a read of your blog and see that you are an Ashtanga yoga of course you appreciate why I change a lot! I practise Bikram which means that I'm drenched after each session!...I need to change! Thank you for your comment!


Thank you Factory Girl!

Dusk said...

Darling Leah... I do not have enough adjectives in one language to describe your wonderful, fabulous, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, delicious self!!!

Nickie Frye said...

Very cool! I love both outfits, but I especially love the mirror effect.