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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I got 'Happy 101'-d! the gorgeous, talented, mega creative Carly from Chic Steals!
Her blog makes me happy, it's full of creative genius and tips, amazing Carly-made things and Carly's beautiful smile. Thank you Carly...I'm thrilled to be 'Happy' tagged!

So... the requirements of the award are:
  • List 10 things that make you happy
  • Try and do at least one of them today
  • Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day
  • Link back to the person that tagged you.

    • Choosing 10 things that make me happy is a very difficult thing to do...except for #1...after that it was eenie meenie miney mo!
      In random order, except #1 is #1;

      1. My husband and my children - the lights of my life, the life of my light, my love for them makes me glow... I have a big family, a bigger extended family! Every Sunday we have at least a dozen for dinner! [happy everyday... but I'm no TV ad mum, my kids can drive me up the wall at times!]

      2. Dancing and drumming - When all the elements of the dance come together... you're fierce and on thrills me...
      Taiko...the martial art of drumming. Primal, spiritual, powerful, lifts me up and empowers me.
      If you don't know what Taiko is, watch this... these are my teachers by the way.

      3. Bikram Yoga - keeps me tuned in, balanced, strong, focused and mind/body/soul connection makes me happy. [did today]

      4. Being out and on and in water - on our boat or waterskiing or at a beach. (Snowskiing counts here too, snow is technically water... !!) [did today]

      5. Being Indiana Jones! - I love my cultural heritage. I am a global citizen with eastern philosophy and western methodology! Being multi-cultural makes me happy. [am everyday]

      6. Op-ulent dressing! - not just for the thrill of the hunt and bargain. I cannot justify self extravagance in a world full of poverty. (op-shopping = thrift shopping)

      7. Making someone elses day - in any way, as simple as a compliment, as hard as admitting you were wrong, helping out, stepping up, wearing a bright colour or singing a song. [did today, song and compliment]

      8. High Tea with friends - anything with friends really but High Tea is particularly fun!

      9. colour - wow. Bet that came as a surprise huh? [everyday]

      10. blogging - primarily because of the all the amazing, beautiful, talented, funny, witty, creative, innovative, sassy, sweet, unique, have I said AMAZING? blogging women I have 'met'. You all humble me with your grace and style...receiving your comments makes me happy. [thank you!] ...and for having a legitimate excuse for posing all over the place. "it's alright. I'm a blogger."

      The Tagged [make me happy] 10 (in random order):

      Leah - she is the creme de la creme and a heaven of a woman!
      The Vintage Obsession - sassy, sweet, DIY stylish. She's a softwear engineer... :)
      Hi Fashion - vivacious Leia and funky Sherin are fun, fabulous and forces to be reckoned with.
      Bollywood Style Diaries - the Bollywood equivalent of Go Fug Yourself. BSD's wit is killer!
      Fashion Atelier - a rockstar with a Pilates soul!
      Chichichic's Blog - she's got a fabulous wit and killer style!
      Frou Frouu - an enigma with a wit as sharp as her cheekbones.
      The Sydney Girl - one of Australia's most famous. She is sweet, colourful and gorgeous!
      Fairydah - another gorgeous Australian blogger.
      Gala Darling - she's just fabulous! And colourful. [she doesn't know I exist so there won't be any happy tagging...this is just for you to go check her out]

      Makes me Happy Honorable mentions:

      Cleaning/doing laundry (hey...don't knock it. If you ever have writer's/creator's block, go do the laundry) ;
      Chocolate ; Chilli crab : Eating full stop ; Guns n Roses at full volume ; Beethoven's Symphony #9 'Ode to Joy' performed live ; a movie or book with a wicked twist ; really good science fiction ; picking the winner of 'Survivor' by the 3rd episode ; ageing without getting old. outlook wise ;



      Leah said...

      Congrats on the Happy award Dusk... well-deserved. It's fun reading your list.

      So you do Taiko too? Woman, you never fail to amaze me everyday. What could be your next surprise?

      I can relate with the Guns and Roses... and Indiana Jones.

      Thanks for sharing the award with me. You make me happy Dusk! You are the best!!! xoxo

      Leia said...

      Hey Dusk!

      A few things... :)

      - congratulations on the award! I loved reading more about you and the things that make you happy.
      - thank you for tagging us! About the protocol - I don't think there is any. I read your blog regularly so I would have seen it anyway, but I think some people notify others about passing on awards!
      - I want to see you wearing bright eye make-up! Please please please take pictures on your next night out so we can all see! :)
      - Saw your pictures from the post below. Can I say: WOW! You look amazing in that dress. And you have such an awesome figure... looks like I need to take up flamenco dancing!

      Kelly said...

      I really like your blog!!!!
      I'm following!
      Btw thanks for your comment sweety!


      carlyjcais said...

      Oh, that intro was so sweet, Dusk! Thank you for the kind words...and you're so incredibly eloquent; I could only strive to become even a tiny bit as poetic with my words as you.<3


      Anonymous said...

      Congrats on your award! Great list, I enjoyed reading it :)

      | Tex | Fashion Butter said...

      Dusk! I am def. a new follower! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog ... and 1. I did finally find out it was wisteria and 2. I totally got the Texas vibe too ... totally agree. All I needed was some tumbleweed and one of those deer skulls! haha

      Oh and I was obsessed with Bikram when I was back in Chicago. I was addicted. I have never found a better workout for the body/mind/spirit.


      bollywoodstylediaries said...

      ur happy list just re-emphasizes what ur clothes always say - u are a very vibrant, strong woman:-)

      and thank u so much for my very first blogging award!!!!!

      SabinePsynopsis said...

      Congratulations! You're going strong!!