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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Black, White, Bright...

... from day through to night.

Husband and I visited the Growers Markets today in hunt of edible avocados. The supermarkets are stocking rocks painted to look like avocados at the moment. Ahh the mundane details of life. How exciting for you to know this. See how excited I am! I'm falling off the chairs with excitement! did do...rolled right off them number 4,5,6 of this burst series are rather funny. And deleted now.

© theDUSKzone 2010

...nothing mundane about the details of dress and bangles...all Yreally... took me from markets to Yum Cha [with some quick op-shop action in between...found an amazing bag!] to movies to dinner [with quick add-ons in between...tis getting chilly in the evenings now]

© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010

Time permitting, we prefer to shop for fruit & vegetables at these markets plus I love the atmosphere, all the noise and colour! And random banners hanging from the roof... I'm usually far too 'over dressed' (but I don't actually think in those terms) however, my aesthetic duty [oh I went there] is always appreciated. Had actually dressed with the intention of getting photographed in front of piles of fruit & veg colour but I forgot!

About the banner and tomatoes...I take a lot of photos. Brace yourself. I take about 300 pics a day. Uh-huh. Of people, places, faces, spaces...I usually upload -after culling- to my facebook account so my lucky friends and family get to see them all. Thank me later darlings. [click on pics for large view and captions]

BTW, if any one of my kids put their shoes on the seats, cushions, etc, there's be a small amount of hell to pay! © theDUSKzone 2010visions of the tomato fight in Spain! tomatoes are also known as love apples and this IS a heart themed post © theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010's like they knew I was coming... © theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010

black & white heart print dress which I'm thinking about selling * black cinch belt * black studded ankle boots * leggings and mock-bomber jacket * those lovely bangles and those fabulous earrings *



Leah said...

Now those are my colors... but I love how you styled your black and white with those colorful bangles. You are definitely the queen of colors.

I wish I'm in Australia now. The weather here in Manila really sucks.

Happy weekend Dusk! xoxo

Dina's Days said...

I just love all of the colors in these photos. Your dress against the colors of the couch is just awesome! I just love open fruit and veggie markets like this, although I don't get to go to as many as I would like.

bollywoodstylediaries said...

U look very graceful in the first picture.. Love the dress + shoes combination. I love going to the farmer's market - its soo vibrant and full of life..

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

You have such vibrant style--love it.

And its starting to get chilly there?--OH, YOU MUST live in Australia!--aha, 'cause its starting to get warmer here. :D Yay, summer.

Tanvi said...

That's a really pretty dress. I love the colored cushions! So vibrant. The sure way to brighten any dull day.

P.S. Since you asked I go Hatha and Bikram yoga both. I like to keep changing it for challenge and variety. But you are right nothing beats BIKRAM! :)

carlyjcais said...

What lovely, colorful photos! I love them!

In response to your ? on my DIY FashionToast-inspired chain harness on my ShopChicSteals blog:

Hi Dusk! Thank you so much!<3

I could probably make this in gold, tho it may take me a little while to source similar chains...this piece was remade from a Forever 21 necklace, and given that they aren't selling any similar gold necklaces right now, I'd have to source all the chain on a spool, cut, and assemble. It would be a bit more work but not impossible!!:-)

Are you interested in a gold version?

Please let me know...and thankyou so much for your kind words! Have a lovely weekend!


black and white is chic

Vintage Obsession said...

If only you were of my age i would have married you :) sigh!!! dreamy eyes :)

jso style said...

Love the look and the bangles are to die for. I especially love your check bones! So jealous :P

| Tex | Fashion Butter said...

Ok, I loved your comment on Leah's I have to surf on over. LOVE these pics - you have hot style!!!!

The Goddess of Boho said...

Hawtness <3

Dusk said...

Thank you for commenting lovely beings! Apologies for being so slack with responding to your comments, I will respond in depth later.
It's a long weekend here and for the next few days I am computer free... I will respond to your comments and comment on your posts soon. ♥