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Friday, April 16, 2010

I am a Woman of Colour

© theDUSKzone 2010

Provocative title that and true in all interpretations. I’m going to provoke further and say that both interpretations can activate discomfort… this world is still not the melting pot it’s supposed to be. That’s another story though…history… 
My point today is that I love being a woman of colour...but I've never thought that made me different.

© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010

In my blog travels, I have noticed and seen many things, 'met' many stylish bloggers, 'connected' with fabulous wonderful females [you know who you are], admired and appreciated all the different expressions of style and marveled at the ingenuity and creativity of many. 

I have also noticed an alarming lack of colour. I see splashes but...where are the waves? Not just online, in the 'real' world too.

Don't get me wrong. I like minimal. I get minimalistic. Look at me today! I love black. It's my neutral. I do wear black a lot. Just because I dress as if a rainbow vomits on me doesn't mean I can't appreciate a neutral or monochromatic or minimal look or greyyyyyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...oh sorry, sorry, I fell asleep...

I'm kidding! Gosh I'm such a bitch. Who knew? My friends. I don't allow them to wear grey. Bossy huh? And they listen to me! Because apparently I know what I'm talking about, being a colour stylist/shopper and all, and I'm not big on the grey.
I understand that it can look nice, have seen it look nice, really like it with hot pink, I recently bought a pair of boss grey platforms but as a mood stimulant and psyche stirrer? Ever wondered why when you're feeling down, sick,'re grey? When you're not decisive, assertive, energetic and dynamic...what area are you in? hmmm? Thassright sugah. Grey.
...anyway this is not about greyzzzz [sorry. sorry!]. And please, lovely grey-wearing bloggers and readers, do and wear what you want! Just because I don't understand the popularity of grey doesn't mean it's not right. I am not that arrogant to ever suggest this. This is about colour, the lack of in stores, online, the pretty much nothing but, on my site.

I started this blog primarily because I keep getting told how my bold use of colour "inspires". Through the use of colour, women have overcome their fear of being 'here'. I use colour as scientific and spiritual tools.

Colour is a form of electromagnetic energy [and if I haven't already lost you...please. you've come this far. hang on.] which affects the brain waves, particularly the Gamma waves. Gamma waves are associated with higher mental activity and higher reasoning faculties. Go Google. I'll still be here.
...and of course, spiritually, colour affects our chakras. Our moods, our feelings, our esteem, our health, our productivity... Interior designers, fashion designers, scientists, economists, they all learn about the colour effect, they all understand the zeitgeist...which is why I never understand how it is designers send rainbows down their runways and everyone's still "greige".

This is going to get too long...I've already had to edit this piece drastically! So much I want to say, I will do it colour by colour... I want to share with you how colour and world economy colour can be used as a mask... just like superheros wear masks to 'liberate' their true selves, colour can make you bold, strong and give you the courage to step out of your comfort zone plus no one feels like a wallflower wearing red, who feels sad wearing yellow?

Colour is also a way to get to know where others are at. It's a language as well as a shield....
I know that many of you are rolling your eyes and doing that finger-swirling thing at your temples but...we don't live in a black and white world. That's just our thinking.

It's funny. I can almost feel the "aarrgghhh, my eyes! my EYES!!" of new visitors and some current ones too. And I'm constantly being told "I couldn't wear that". And I really want to know...why not? Why the chromaphobia? Why this fear of standing out? Why be invisible? Why do you want to be invisible? I'm genuinely curious.

My fear of non-colour, of neutrals, of beige, grey, greige, etc is a fear of not being counted. I'm alive. I'm here. Get used to it.
By the way, I am well aware that if we were all the same, it would get pretty boring pretty fast. Diversity is the key to continuity...but... therein lies my point.

© theDUSKzone 2010

I had taken my photos and then I was at my neighbours place and their son had been drawing on the driveway...a rainbow... ahhh...synchronicity... and I know you all noticed the ROYGBIV order of my bangles right?


Leia said...

I love bright colors! I really need to be more daring and introduce more color into my wardrobe. I will try, for you!! :)

carlyjcais said...

Hi Dusk!
In response to what you wrote re: the Happy Award...Oh, of course! Your blog is so beautiful - I can see you put so much time into editing your photos - and your poses, locations, etc. are so inspiring! And so colorful and *happy*...

Don't forget to post the award + 10 things that make you happy too! Inquiring minds want to know :-)...since I'm your newest follower!

(here's the award post to grab the icon off of:


bollywoodstylediaries said...

Ok. first let me just say it - i love grey:-) its my favorite..I just find it so beautiful. I do love colors but not very bright/gaudy ones. I do believe ur colors affecting chakras etc but personally, if I am depressed, no amount of color is going to cheer me up until the thing that is making me sad goes away. If I am happy, wearing grey is not going to put me down...If I look good to myself, I am happy and looking good for me isnt just about color - its the outfit, accessories, fit, style etc. When I am energetic, its always becoz of the coffee!!! or 10 hours of sleep:-)

I personally find very bright/glitzy colors very agitating and thats why I dont wear it. If you look around us, whats the two most common colors u see - pale blue (sky) and gentle green..If there is anything in nature (birds/flowers) that is really bright, it usually tends to be smaller in size...using that as a guideline, if I wear a very bright color, it is an accessory or top/skirt..u get the picture..

again, clothes are very personal. u should wear whatever makes u happy!!!


Leah said...

Now you're talking... I get it now. I'm one of those guilty people who is so fond of black and white... I guess because I can easily accessorize them. And is there a reason why I also love black and white photography? I find it more appealing than colored photos because it's kinda hard to capture the perfect black and white photos as opposed to colored.

I only wear colored pieces during summer (we don't have spring in the Philippines) but all-year round, you will see me in my black and whites. But I believe you are right about the colors, like the other day, I was wearing yellow and I felt so alive.

This is quite a long post but seriously, I read every word you wrote. And I didn't google anything, I BELIEVE YOU. Hahaha! Love you girl! xoxo

Leah said...

PS... the bangles are fabulous. xoxo

☮ midnightintern ☮ said...

This is so gorgeous. I tend to favour black as well, but I've been trying hard to inject some colour into my wardrobe lately. This post is definitely encouraging, I love how you've spiced up an all-black outfit with the bangle combination.

I just wish one 'cheap' bangle didn't cost me an hour's wage :( I need so many to pull of the look! Starting to save right now...

Anonymous said...

Yes you are bossy luv! But only when it comes to our own non grey good! Love this post, fudge you arr hot! LL xx

Anonymous said...

Love the colours of the accessories:)

Leah said...

PS again... Monday is my special day! *winks* ...and I have a big revelation to make after that day, thanks to you. And is it okay if I quote something from you? (Don't worry, nothing negative. hahaha!)

Tanvi said...

I LURVE the picture where you are swinging your hair :) Totally rocking! Love the colors, all of them. And you carry them so well!

Vintage Obsession said...

Ahh hair :)) lovely ,The riot of colors bring it on i say :) like i said Inspirational ! Whistles whistles and more :)

Faridah said...

I love the black with the pop of magnificent arm candy. You look great!

Dusk said...

Hello lovelies!


Leia're already so vibrant and if you decide to plunge in to the rainbow... do it for you. I -and everyone else-adore you the way you are.


Hiya gorgeous Carly...thank you! I do enjoy doing the photography...satisfies the frustrated fashion editor in me! Happy attracts happy... :)


Hiya Sonali...absolutely, one should always wear what makes one happy...not what makes one grey... ;). I'm kidding, I'm kidding!

..but yes, that would be the primary reason for personal style choice. However, I have found that a lot of times (with my clients), not wanting to wear bright colours is about wanting to blend with the environment. Wanting to be invisible.

Which is great if you're a Ninja.

And yes, if you don't believe it, it's not going to work, the whole colour-mood thing.
I absolutely believe that I can influence my moods by the colours I wear. I know this scientifically and spiritually and I believe it. So it works for me.

For me Holi best represents the symbolic power of colour...we wear white clothes to represent the ‘blank canvas’ we are born as and then the colours fill us with vibrancy, with life. the throwing of the coloured powders was traditionally literally of medicinal benefit!

[dammit. why do all my answers always end up an essay cum lecture??? I'm a bit in love with the sound of my keyboard tapping...]

It is important that people be happy whatever way they wish to be. I certainly know that it's not up to me to decide that. Unless of course I get paid to decide!!...still...I can't help but spread the colour-ve...


Hello gorgeous, Leia, Smrithi, many others...are fine examples of being colourful, vibrant personalities without having to wear brightly coloured outfits.
I wear loud colours but I am not overly gregarious. I'm certainly not shy nor lacking in confidence but I'm not this big boinging off the walls personality that has to have center stage all the time.

My point is...the colour effect is not quite as simple as black and white... :)
I love dressing in black and b&w...this is a very effective fact I think I'm having a b&w week! I'm wearing it again today!

Oh but of a photographer you do have a finer appreciation of b&w. I like b&w

...and I love you for reading this whole epic!! I should let the pictures speak their thousand words! xo

ps. hope you're enjoying your birthday hon.


Hello Midnight earn $2 an hour?? gees need a new job... :).

My arm stacks...hmmm...all of it cost me about Aus$20...less maybe. I made one, the rest were wonderfully cheap...pretty much $2 on average, sales are great. The orange I bought from Myer for $3.99 down from $39.99.

I love how you use little bits of colour to add splashes to your black outfits. It's what you like that counts.

Thanks for coming by!

********** was I supposed to know this was you if you hadn't sms-ed me that you had commented???
And what's with breaking the 'F&F code'??? Nina commented a few days ago!
...very funny...throwing away your greyer than grey sloppy joe was an act of goodwill. :) and I thank you for ze compliment...xoxo


Hi Factory Girl...thank you! They're mnemonic order!


Thanks Tanvi...I like it when you wear colour with black, like your yellow shoes with the black jumpsuit, you looked smokin' hot.

I like my motion is good for that!


Hello my Sassy...a riot of colours like Pondicherry pants!


Hi Faridah hon...thank you!

The Goddess of Boho said...

I heart those bangles on you.

Thin bangles and tiny pendants don't make for bold statements.

i love how u embrace loud accessories!