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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bow Pose

That's not "bow" as in rhymes with pose, which is what my pose is. [sort of].
It's "bow" rhymes with prow as in the front of a boat...and is what my pose is. Sort of. I'm a figurehead.
...well I do look nautical today...not just because of the stripes...

...but also because of my [oh so] comfortable Sinbad pants.
My husband and I will one day be sailing the seas in search of adventure.
I'll be ready.

striped shell top * high-waisted Sinbad pants * COCO LIBERACE necklace, bracelet and rings.


Veshoevius said...

Great nautical look and love the reference to Sinbad rather than the harem!

Higgenbottom said...

i love this outfit and your poses! that's awesome that your pants are comfy too! said...

Love the 'bow' pose! And I like this new format. Not to long ... just enough time to focus on you from all angles ;) ...

It always sounds extremely exciting when you mention you will go for adventures via sea ... of your husband! I picture you both cruising away in your own personal yacht and you will be dressed in all sailor outfit or sometimes in sarongs ... Oooo! Sounds glamourous. I hope they you have internet while you at sea though, 'coz I would wanna hear about your adventures.

[Is it weird that I have thought in so much detail about your 'personal' adventure with your husband? ;)]

Misfits Vintage said...


You look amazing, as always. You have transported me back to 1985 - here's why:

Your first pic is totally reminiscent of the cover of the Grace Jones album Island Life (Go here for a look:

The second pic is very reminiscent of the beautiful pics of Paloma Picasso from Vogue etc in the mid 80s when she first began designing sunglasses.

I bet there's not a look that you couldn't totally smash if you decided to, Dusk. Just beautiful!

Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...
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jemina said...



thesydneygirl said...

LOL! I'm glad you *will* be ready when your husband sets out to sea! hahahaha love it.

If I have your body when I'm your age I'll truly be blessed, knock on wood.

I also like how you matched the orange accessories!!!


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L1L2 said...

:) were u ever a gymnast?