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Friday, December 17, 2010

Close Encounters...

The epaulets on my dress are crystal-like clusters of faux-gems... made me feel very 'space-y', like I could beam myself up somewhere just by pressing the right combination of notes stones [eg. like this...?]

In the lead up to Christmas and New Year, am having quite a few close encounters of the social* kind so have not been able to traverse the blogosphere much if at all, [I'm uploading this post 3 days after the fact!]. 
...We are lucky (I feel) being in the southern hemisphere.  We celebrate the [western] festive season in Summer and it's so much more nice to kick up ones heels and be merry when it's warm!  Although, egadsIt's snowing in Australia today!!!.  Fa-reeee-ky.


These pics were taken very late so are kind of boring blurry and yes, just in case you're wondering... this dress isn't my usual style but... I like to mix it up...although I did feel a bit....hmmm... 'mutton' wearing this!!!  Not just because of the leg-o-mutton sleeves!!   This was short and tight and short and did I say short??

....and I used to wear bandaids masquerading as skirts in my twenties and thirties.  Okay I still do.  I figure [ha! pun!] that as long as I can 'get away' with it, I will BUT... what the hell does "get away with it" mean?  And will I know when I can no longer "get away with it"?  And who the hell dictates this anyway?  What if I can no longer "get away with it" but don't give a damn ?

Oh whoops.  I can feel a diatribe coming on...and unlike my dress... my diatribes are never short!  Some other time then...

Click image below to view close-up of epaulets (will open in new window)

* Close Encounters of the Third Kind... the third place is the social environment... the first and second being home and work respectively... the third kind... that's the epitome of social contact... particularly when we're talking human-alien contact... you know?  Between your people and my people... J


Misfits Vintage said...

O.M.G. You have the most exquisite figure. You are just beautiful from head to toe!

Right, now, about 'getting away with'... surely as long as we feel good, comfortable, confident about the way we look, the length of our hair/skirts, the tightness of our dresses, the height of our heels, the colours or 'outrageousness' of our outfits... I think that feeling/confidence is the only rule worth listening to.

Other people's arbitrary rules are so restrictive... how sad to think that you could no longer wear something you love and feel great in, just because of some idea of 'not getting away with' or being too old.

A bit of a late night rant from me, but a question worth exploring I think...

Sarah xxx

Leia said...

I adore the sleeve detailing on this dress! I don't really know who/what dictates whether or not you can 'get away' with things. Though she's 54, my mother continues to wear short/tight/busty clothing to her heart's content... I think as long as you feel comfortable in something, you should wear it! Perhaps 'get away with' = 'be confident enough to wear' ? When it comes to skirts that are too short I'm just not comfortable in them at all (unless I'm wearing tights) - I feel conscious every time I sit or bend over, so I avoid them.

Snow in Australia? In the summer? So weird!

Leia said...

What a Hot and Sexy Number. Luurrrvvveee it! And snow in Australia? Freeaakkkyyy indeed!

L1L2 said...

really? that's madness... didn't think it snowed down under during christmas... but fun!

Veshoevius said...

you're so lucky to have heat over the festive season - as you say makes dressing for parties so much more pleasant. I just touched down in 0 degrees back in snow laden London - hardly partying weather.
Long live your mini skirting days - you certainly have the legs not just to carry them off but to totally rock them!