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Friday, December 24, 2010

High Tea for Two

I had such a wonderful day today... Met up with one of my favourite bloggers, Jemina Jakin!! 
Jemina is in Sydney for a holiday with her family and we've been excited for days about meeting up!  Sending emails back and forth and finally... meeting up over High Tea at one of my most favourite spots in Sydney, The Tearoom at Gunners Barracks.  We got some great shots here... baboomtish....

This is the first blogger meet-up for the both of us and it's like "wow! You are real!"  As Jemina said, it's surreal. From the moment I picked her up, it felt like we have known each other for ages... we spent a wonderful afternoon together talking and listening and discussing and eating and talking and laughing and did I say talking?  

Oh and of course... taking photographs.  Jemina got to see how I do my 'thing' with my trusty tripod and point & shoot's 10 second timer (my and our pics) and I took photographs of her using my camera and her fabulous Canon!  I LOVED taking photographs of Jemina, she has divine luminous skin and she is absolutely beautiful!

And yes.... she is as delightful, serene, lovely, honest, open, caring, wonderful, unique, generous, kind, thoughtful, beautiful, warm and sincere in person, as she is on her blog.  And super stylish but... she is also easygoing, unpretentious, practical and thoughtful... eg. she didn't bring any of her usual platform heels with her so that she could pack more things for her children. the way... did you all know Jemina makes jewellery?... [you have to show us now darling Jem!]

I am so happy that we met.  And that we are friends. 

Our Kawaii Pic!

Warning:  This is an image heavy post!!

I absolutely adore Jemina!  We had so much fun!
Jemina thank you darling for my wonderful gift, I'm in love with it!

By the way, regarding our attire...although it's Summer in Sydney, today started off rather cold and yucky [technical term]...
but then the sun shone through.  For us.  Of course.  J

Divine luminous skin!

vintage dress * faux fur lined suede gilet *


gayatri said...

Both of you are looking wonderful :)

Leia said...

Oh you two... I am so jealous that you got to meet up! These images turned out beautifully. And I totally agree that it can be such a fun experience meeting a blogger in real life, I was lucky enough to be able to do this on a regular basis in London, and it was awesome to meet up with people for the first time and be able connect with them instantly. Glad you both had such a fun meet-up... now fly to Dhaka so I can meet you, too. Teehee. :)


Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Told you I am at loss of words seeing your blog. Wow should suffice.
I saw Jemina's blog post also. You had such a fabulous time. I want to meet you in person too. I so want to. We will one day...soon. This is big on my wish list. My Guruji fulfills my wishes very soon.

garakami said...

i'll never get over your young, wild, & free spirit! :D

I LIKE JEMIMA! it's christmas over here, so it's nice to see her represent with a snowflake or two :)

Merry Christmas Dusk!

Veshoevius said...

Merry Christmas gorgeous! said...

Wow! It seems surreal to even see your both together and creating magic through your pictures and ust who you both are! Ah-mazing! :) J does have a goddess like skin and Dusk you have a goddess like smile!

Love the shoot and loved hearing about your High Tea! :) Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous!

Enchanted Elle said...

You are both absolutely gorgeous and seem like amazing people, I just recently found her blog and she is lovely. Love your dress here, and her jewelry is perfect.

Misfits Vintage said...

You are both so beautiful. It's so nice that you had the opportunity to meet and get together for some great pics and high tea - how civilised!

I LOVE your dress Dusk, you look amazing as always!

Sarah xxxs

jemina said...

I've missed you so much already dear, we MUST MUST MUST meet again...

LOVE you Sweetie and Merry Christmas :)


Nickie Frye said...

Awesome!!! You both look so gorgeous in these pics. How fun to actually meet in person! :D Dusk, your dress is so crucial. I love it!