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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Planet Mirth

Hello mirthlings... I'm still here... just a few things occupying my time, some of which are causing me some middling levels of grief and frustration... but that's cool, I'm cool, haven't lost it yet.  If you believe in such things then... the planets are a bit out of whack.  If you don't.... then **it happens man.  All you got to do is laugh in the face of it.

...which I'm not doing in these photo appearances... it's just at the moment, it's all too much to release the remote then throw/hide remote, settle the pose, hold the pose and smile/laugh.  All in 2 seconds.  Something had to give.  Oh and... I've got a new camera so I'm back to photographic youngling stage.  You better believe that I will soon know the hell out of this camera and be back to 'Ownage' status... when it comes to cameras and self portraits... I am a Jed-eye master... and an idiot... J

...more pics after the jump...

Monday February 7th

Wearing the 'Isis' leglace all week.... it's getting a lot of attention!

Tuesday February 8th

Wednesday February 9th

...and I forgot to photograph the rest of the week... oh well...


Vintage Vixen said...

Argh, Dusk! Where have you been? Blogland's been that bit duller without you and your gloriously inspiring colour palette. The armour kicks ass. xxx

Leia said...

This is too much pretty eye candy for me! Can't ... decide... where... to ... start... complimenting! But will try. All for the sake of the greater good :)

That leglace is AMAZING! I just want to spend my life savings and buy all of your body lace jewels! The hot pink/black outfit is gorgeous and you look like a QUEEN in the third black dress picture! And the blue/lilac color combination makes me so happy, I love the length of the dress and your perfectly-faling hair and your bright pink lips and everything!

I know you're busy but don't leave us Dusk-less for long, it's a crime, don't you know?

Leia said...

I was JUST thinking of you and was going to msg you n FB before going to bed. But then I saw you updated. Sorry for I haven't been in touch myself. India is very hectic, man!

You look AWESOME all year around and I like how you are wearing the Devi Armour in so many multiple ways.

Veshoevius said...

Fabulous outfits (love the black dress with the mesh back) and the leg lace is very original - no wonder its getting attention (and well you have fabulous legs so i'm sure that helps!)