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Monday, February 28, 2011

Summer Cum Laude...

Farewell Summer.  In my universe(ity)... you get the highest praise.  See you next time.  Sob.

By the way, as I keep mentioning lately, I know that as far as bloggers go I'm really not a good one.  I'm inconsistent with my posting (this post is almost a week late! its backdated) and I'm not that active in the blogosphere.  So I am always very appreciative of the support I get, through visits and comments and new followers* and also through awards and tags and mentions in blog posts.

I am always, always blown away by that. 
As I always I do, I follow a new commentor back to her (or his) blog and I found this
(please note: all links will open in a new window)
It took me a while to register what I was seeing! I really did think, "woah, that woman looks like me"!
That delightful blog led me to other bloggers that I already adore and they had all mentioned me as part of their weekly 'Link Love' posts...starting with the absolutely befitting her name, Bella from Citizen Rosebud!

Thank you Citizen Rosebud
I don't know how that 'Link Love' nomination works but thank you so much for your amazing words....and I'm suspecting my recent Twitter fed traffic is because of you...
Thank you also for that brilliant post.

Thank you Beautifully Invisible for your amazing banners and for featuring me! 
And your Ode to Tom Ford that got you nominated by...

and Congratulations for getting featured too!

Thank you Rimmel Waterproof Mascara for not giving me panda eyes.


I have received many blog awards and tags (obviously not for modesty) and I am very grateful for them and humbled by them and I should, like the majority of bloggers showcase these on my homepage but I... just... well... I don't know! 
For some weird reason, I get shy about these particular accolades and believe me, I am not the type to put my (eg in my dreams) Pulitzer or Grammy etc in a cupboard.
Hell, if I ever received one of those awards I'd be handing out flyers.

I guess I equate awards with effort and I feel that I don't put enough effort in to blogging to deserve awards.

I'm not quite sure why I don't showcase the awards. 
Even though I have written posts to thank the 'awarders' I think I will have a page dedicated to awards I've received because... and this is the only reason I feel bad about not showcasing the awards... I want to acknowledge the gracious, generous people who awarded them to me. 


ps. Thank you also Kiran, Leia, Sarah, Tanvi for the wonderful things you have said about me in your posts.  This is how that makes me feel.

.... just in case you notice something  in these photographs... I am in the middle of a sugar and fructose allergy so bad just looking at an apple makes me pass out.   That's right people, I'm allergic to sugar.  Worse.  Fruit. 

Read what the delightful Leia has to say about sugar... it's not a sweet story.  I will also provide links and tell you my story, soon. 

[*I don't like that word.  Can we petition Blogger for a new word to describe blogfans?  Hey!  How about that??  Blog fans.]


Tanvi said...

a) I love you!!!
b) I love your fabulous shade of Red Skirt. You look lovely. While I know you are recovering from your allergy but no where in your pictures you look any less than awesome!
c) You so deserve all the accolades. You are the reason why blogging is fun at all . TRUTH!

from ©

Leia said...

I really don't like the word 'follower' either! Why not simply 'reader'?

I also don't really know how to deal with awards, tags, etc. I always write a quick thank-you, but the main reason that I don't showcase them on my page is because I feel it would clutter it up and ruin the aesthetic (does that sound mean?) - I used to put them on a separate page but it just became too much of a hassle to maintain! So for now I just say THANKS! :D

Also, we can't praise you enough because you are so WONDERFUL. And I love your nautical tribute to the end of summer. That skirt is to DIE for; I love the way it looks on your hips - your figure looks very hourglass-like in the first picture!

Sending you healing wishes for your allergy! HUG!


Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

You well deserve all the awards.
You are Wonder Full. And thats why you deserve them.

Vintage Vixen said...

Hello you gorgeous woman! It seems to be so long since you last posted and it's always wonderful to discover a new post.
Sorry to hear of your allergy, what a nightmare. xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Namaste Beautiful Dusk,

Your posts are always worth waiting for... and I have never even thought about whether you have you awards on your bog or not. I am just happy to gaze at your pics and read your lovely whimsical wordplay. I appreciate the differences in the way we bloggers present ourselves and our information.

I hope you are feeling better.

Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Bella is a fantastic cheerleader for the entire blogging community. I think that's how I discovered your blog. I am really very curious about this fruit allergy as Leia and I have been discussing it. I could forgo sugar, but I don't think I could give up fruit.

Anonymous said...

OH, wow. I could die happy now after reading this! lol It was so happy and cute to read!

You look amazing as well!

Anonymous said...

woman u are SO beautiful! love your blog no matter how often you post....but please keep posting :)


bollywoodstylediaries said...

you look divine!! love the red skirt - its glorious!

This is the first time I have heard abt food allergies to fruits. Thats so terrible! were you born with this or did it happen over time?

Fourth Daughter said...

I love the marine look but can never do it myself. That red skirt on the other hand, I can totally imagine on me (looks amazing on you, that's why!)...
Weird about the sugar/fruit allergy as there was recently an article in the Life supplement in The Age by Sarah Wilson about how she was giving up all forms of sugar BY CHOICE. I don't have a problem with that except that she was going on about giving up fruit because of the fructose. Now, would you be giving up fruit if you were not allergic to it? It just seems wrong to even suggest it when the country is in the grip of an obesity plague, largely due to the fact that so many kids eat junk instead of fruit!! Not being a nutritionist myself, I suppose I don't have the right to comment, but I would have thought that the many benefits of fruit ie vitamins, fibre would have far outweighed any disadvantages that come from its fructose content? I'm interested to hear more from you on this ...

amalie said...

great outfit, i love the red and stripes together!

chhipa said...

Another great article. I like that you are very honest and direct to the point.

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Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

How the allergy - better now I?
You are an inspiration to me so I appreciate when you update your blog with a new post.

Masoom R. Minawala said...

Your red skirt, is DIVINE. And thats exactly how you look in it.
So well put together - LOVE it.