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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coco Liberace

Named in homage of two greats, COCO LIBERACE is a marriage of elegance and flamboyance... and is the beyond fabulous accessories brand I work for.  Hard job but someones got to do it.

I first chanced upon COCO LIBERACE in March 2010 and I wrote about them here and stalked CL fans too... generally just adored their work, "their" being a wonderful and talented wife and husband team. 

COCO LIBERACE sprung from co-owner John's search for the perfect cocktail ring for his wife.  The lack of choice, his wife (& co-owner) Nicolle's costume jewellery addiction and a hole in the Australian quality costume jewellery market, led to the couple starting and designing their own jewellery label.  They've come a long way in a short time, testament to their talent.
...COCO LIBERACE is featured in many magazines and is a favourite of Australian TV celebrities for their 'glam edgy' pieces.

"John and Nicolle take their inspiration from what’s happening on the overseas catwalks, their clients and the streets of Sydney.
They design with glamour and edginess to create a statement for the COCO LIBERACE woman, who is not a certain age or demographic but has a certain attitude.
She wears fashion with confidence and dresses to make a statement and get noticed. She doesn't follow fashion but is never out fashion, she has her own style and flair." naturally I jumped at the chance to work for them!  J

(link will open in new window and yes we do post internationally)

Bigger pics after the jump
COCO LIBERACE colours are... you guessed it, hot pink, black and white and whenever we are showcasing, I like to just add extra emphasis.. subliminal branding you could say...  and yes I do get to wear whatever piece/s I want...sigh...

COCO LIBERACE also stocks my range, DEVI ARMOUR and I do make pieces solely for COCO LIBERACE.

In this pic: black multi-strand pearls, rings.

Sssssnakeskin belt.

In this pic: cats eye diamante sunnies, black pearls, gold diamante skull ring, gold stud pinky ring

In this pic: gold crescent tribal neckpiece

Please Note: This isn't a paid post nor is it sponsored, etc, etc... puhlease.  It is my pleasure not pressure.
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Leia said...

Incredible pieces! Dusk dear my credit card will not like you! ;)


Vintage Vixen said...

Absolutely stunning (that's both you and the jewellery). Have a fabulous time with Sarah and Helga, I wish I was joing you. xxx

sacramento said...

My dear Dusk, If you like them is enough for me.
You are stunning in each and everyone of the pics, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
So you will be with Sarah, and Helga...Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
So jealous!!!

Tanvi said...

The black number with the slit in the centre, is so sexy! :) All the pieces are a work of art!

♡ from ©

Polka Princess said...

Loving that tribal necklace!!! That black & hot pink combo is stunning on you! :)

Ninjagaiden78 said...

You and Fucshia are a match made in heaven!

annie said...

Loved the post. :) The pics on Coco Liberance's sight are awesome btw. Very classy.

Anonymous said...

Love the first and second looks, Dusk! I could kill for your belly! Now I know thats mere exaggeration because all I need to do is work out and no humans will be harmed in the process but for now, take that! :D

Anonymous said...

Admiring how much difference a pair of hot pink stockings makes to a look.

Helga! said...

You TOTALLY hot minx!!!
So thrilled to have met and fallen in love with you....and I could see that you are so ridiculously easy to fall in love with and you are so adored.....thank you for your time and effort into making Friday night so amazing,and thank you again for the wonderful Saturday we and in Rozelle!!!!
Bless! XXX