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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Optical Illusion

Photographed & reviewed a Fringe Festival event tonight. 
I love being able to (or trying to) capture a performers expression and creativity with my lens. 


I wear lenses occasionally purely for cosmetic purposes.  After all, I wasn't born with fuschia lips either.  Coloured lenses really change how people perceive me... I look softer... go ahead, cover one side of my face at a time to see the diffrence for yourself.  I have no preference.  I love my own eyes of course. that is a top I'm wearing underneath, an 80-s retro bra-top.


Tanvi said...

That last shot looks kinda scary ... kinda sexy ... I have always wanted to try colored lens ... but can't get myself to poke my eyes in to my sockets just yet!

P.S. Loving the sexy mesh top! ;)

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sacramento said...

Those blue eyes are just wonderful. You look even more beautiful and fascinating.

Anonymous said...

that first photo is amazing and so full of life. And if you had not mentioned it, I might not have noticed the two different color of eyes.

Suruchi said...

Looking absolutely dazzling...loved the first pic-so you, the way I sometimes miss seeing you here:-)

La Dama said...

You loos so sexy with one different colored eyes. I use to wear bright green contact lenses in my youngen days and everyone thought they were mine. love your first pic, full of energy and happines. perving at your fishnet top.