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Friday, August 31, 2012

Mucho (au)Gusto!

Hello!  Remember me... I'm Dusk, this my blog and I'm pleased to meet you*. 
And now that I've introduced myself to my blog, let me jog your memory... egads lovelies!  WHY do I forget that I have a blog?? 
...and how grateful am I that you haven't forgotten that I have a blog?  MUCHO grateful!

So... this is a backdated post... I have this OCD thing with my outfits and needing to post them on the date they were worn.  I really should just date whenever I post but, I feel... weird doing that.  This is the rest of August, well the rest of August that I photographed.  It's not like I was running around bare ass naked the days that weren't photographed.  It was too cold for that. 

WARNING: This is a long image post.  I have seen shorter giraffe necks and runways.



My Flamenca friends and I went to see the brilliant, breathtaking Maria Pages perform her brilliant, breathtaking collaboration with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui ... DUNAS, which means 'dunes' in Spanish.

"For inspiration, they travelled to the desert in Morocco's south.
''Every day the dunes were different because of the wind,'' says Cherkaoui. ''But we would always call it a dune. It's constantly the same; it's eternal. So we wanted to approach this in movement.''

It was absolutely breathtaking. 
I have no words to describe the show, I came out mouth agape and heart beating furiously, my limbs pleasurably tight from  being on the edge of my seat... I know I forgot to breathe at times, such was the effect this had on me.

Watch it... Dunas

Alas I know I will never be as effortless and light as a feather blowing on a breeze yet as magnificent as a thunderous lightening storm as Maria. 
But that's okay because I am me and I can only be as good as I let myself be.

*Mucho Gusto is Spanish for "pleased to meet you" but so much more dynamic!
"Pleased to meet you" is so polite.
"Mucho Gusto" is just... so enthusiastic!  Say it!


A Friendship Fair

I photographed the India-Australia Friendship Fair for Desi Kangaroos.
See the album here.

I actually have a sari in these colours, purple bordered with gold but didn't feel like wearing it whilst photographing!  I'm pretty full on when I photograph! 
I climb up walls and do drop rolls to get my shot (I'm so hardcore) and a sari may have impeded my movement...

These boots... oh man these boots... I love these boots.
I mean, just look at them!  Gold glitter goodness!


...this fruity concoction was worn to lunch and cocktails with my darling friend Jason.
He's actually moved away from Sydney and I miss him so much!
I wore this top because he actually found it for me on an op-shop stop 10 years ago.

...and this subtle combination of BRIGHT orange and cobalt was worn to visit grandchildren...

The End.


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Carly J. Cais said...

Hi Dusk! Thanks for connecting w/ me on LinkedIn:-)
I love to see your outfits together, all at once - and the incredible energy you bring to your photos! Look at all those poses - WOW!