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Friday, December 31, 2010

In retrospect...

Well lovelies... How was 2010 for you?  However it was, I hope that you all appreciate the days gone by, we'll never get them back...and yes, in some cases, that may be a good thing!  BUT... we learn from everything.  The good and the bad. 
...Funny though that we can only appreciate the 'bad' way way in retrospect!  No matter... you should send 2010 away with love ... just let it go... with a bang...

I love New Year's Eve!  I get so excited by it and always insist on celebrating it in a grand manner!  It is such a magical moment, that stroke of midnight and the change-over from the old to the new... a clean slate to start all over again... I know resolutions are a cliche but I believe in them, although I call them intentions.

One of the rituals I do to celebrate the passing of another year is create a Gratitude and Intention List
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For us List Maker types, this is a fabulous list to do!  As Yasmin Boland says, "Intention is everything!"

...but first... one of the things I am very VERY grateful for is your continued support, words, readership and 'friendship'.  Even when I have been a total blogslacker [offical term] and haven't visited other blogs or replied to comments, etc... you, darling reader, still make an effort to visit and/or comment and I cannot express enough my gratitude at your generosity.  I am humbled by it.

I say 'friendship' because it is still an alien concept to me to make friends via this medium and without the physical aspect of chemistry and yet... that is what has happened.  FRiendship.  I feel so close to a few women I have met via blogs that it is crazy for me to remember that I haven't actually met them!!  Yet they feel like sisters or long lost friends!!  In one case... a daughter!!  As was proved with Jemina... if you 'click' online, it is possible to 'click' offline too!!


To make your Gratitude 2010 and Intention 2011 List
- in one list, write down all that you're grateful for in 2010
- in the other list, write down your plans for 2011

....and you may also wish to make a Burn List!  "If there was something really hard that happened for you in 2010, write down the bad stuff...and burn it!" (Yasmin Boland)

Another favourite spiritual voice, Anita Revel of has a wonderful intention setting list here.

I realise my "how fab! how wonderful!" grattitude may annoy some and not all share this manner of seeing things, some are happy to bake in misery, that's cool... However you choose to bring your 2010 to an end, do it well and try do it with gratitude.  So if you're going to whine... be grapeful...

I'll be celebrating with my husband and youngest and youngest's best friend at our friend's place.  Alas I am actually a bit sick so we can't go out on our boat to sit under the bridge but... next best thing...our friend lives right next to the bridge!  We were also there last year... not much of a view huh?...!!!!!!!

[We usually moor behind the piling that has Sydney reflected on it, in front of Sydney's famous Luna Park. It is such a crazy fabulous atmosphere, it's joyous! However... the trip back to wherever we all came from is a bit of a literal nightmare... imagine thousands of boats heading every which way at 1am -because we're not allowed to moor there- in the dark, with very little lighting, it's insane!!  But fun.]

...and here is what every personal style blogger must do at some time or the other... a rehash... I chose these pics not because I like the outfits, although towards the end of the year, this coincided, but because I like the pics....and some of the posts... in some of them I actually sound a bit smart... oooh...

All the images are linked to the original posts and Please Note, all links will open in a new window...

ENJOY THE LAST HOURS OF 2010 MY LOVELIES!!!  I do have a 2011 message to share so will save the bulk of my best wishes for your good health and life for that post... WISHING YOU ALL A SPLENDID START TO 2011!!!!!!!!


I was away in Malaysia and Singapore all of January so no blog pics









A hat trick month... J




gayatri said...

Stunning pics Dusk! Wish you and your family a very happy new year :) rock the boat, in a good way ofcourse :D

Veshoevius said...

Happy New Year Dusk! What a lovely collage of your blog posts! Sydney is a fabulous city and it must be even more fabulous with the fireworks on New Years Eve! Would love to be there one year.
Have a wonderful time ringing in 2011 on the harbour!

Leia said...

Dusk, you have made all of our lives brighter and happier and more beautiful just by 'knowing' you... you have inspired us to be more confident, to experiment with color, to push the boundaries... even though we have never met in person, you have truly changed our lives. You are an exceptional person and I really can't express how happy I am to have 'met' you this year! I hope you have a lovely evening, enjoy the fireworks!


Misfits Vintage said...

Dusk - thank you so much for such beautiful words to go with your beautiful pics. You have been such an incredible inspiration to me in the last few months - sartorially, but also philosophically and in developing my confidence and I hope you know how much your blog means to me (and I'm sure to MANY).

Thank you so much for your lovely end of year post. I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful 2011.

Sarah xxx

Enchanted Elle said...

You take the most amazing photos. and have the most amazing aura and outfits. I can't pick a favorite. And I love the idea of a gratitude and intention list.

Vintage Vixen said...

Every post of yours is a delight, you beautiful woman! Guess it's already 2011 in Oz, hope the night was as magical as you wished. xxxxx

Polka Princess said...

Happy New Year dear! Hope you have a rocking & amazing year ahead....!!

Love the pics you've selected from 2010 & the others that you've not selected've sizzled in all of 'em!!! :))

Sadami said...

Dear Dusk,
Wow, thank you for sharing beautiful photos and indeed, you're so gorgeous. BTY Each posture is very interesting and very well organized. Are you well now? I hope you will get well soon.
May 2011 will be a wonderful year for you! Keep dancing and enjoy your life fully.
Kind regards, Sadami